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[ # ] The Sound of Silence is loud on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist tonight
April 5th, 2020 under Alex Newell, NBC, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
Tonight at 9p on NBC’s Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Zoey (Jane Levy) becomes her father’s (Peter Gallagher) caregiver’s caregiver.

Howie (Zak Orth) reveals to Zoey in a song that he does not have the best relationship with his daughter, so she offers to help him out. Turns out, she is a big fan of Zoey because of where she works. His daughter, Abigail (Sandra Mae Frank), would love to be a coder too when she graduates college.

Zoey offers to meet Abigail with her dad, and she finds out why they are not getting along. Abigail (Sandra Mae Frank) wants to go to Kenya for a project, and her dad is afraid of her going there by herself because she is deaf. The two of them get into a fight, and she winds up singing Fight Song with her other deaf classmates for Zoey in sign language. Will Zoey be able to bring them together?

That is not the only problem Zoey will have to handle tonight, she also has to clean up the mess she created with her BFF Max (Skylar Astin), who she sang a love song to, and, engaged to someone one, Simon (John Clarence Stewart), who she kissed. Luckily Mo (Alex Newell) is working on the latter one, so that helps a little or does it?

Tonight’s episode is another one to sing about, so watch it tonight and every Sunday at 9p on NBC.


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