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[ # ] The Jonas Brothers challenge their #1 fan!
February 24th, 2009 under Disney Kids, Jimmy Kimmel, Jonas Brothers

Last night the Jonas Brothers appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for the third time and this time Jimmy had something special planned for them! The show Googled their #1 fan and invited her to compete against them to see who know more about the Jonas Brothers…Jessi or the three bros themselves? If Jessi knew more about them then she would get to meet them if she didn’t she would continue being the biggest fan who never met her idolseven though they were inches away from her! Watch the video to see if she faints with the prospect of being so close to her favorite band!
It is scary how much some people know about their bands! Way scary!
BTW I hope that Jimmy Kimmel Live! adds this feature to the show more often! Like on Monday with New Kids on the Block, when I will be there! I would love to see a person faint on the show in person!!!


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