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[ # ] The Inglourious Basterds storm Cannes!!!
May 20th, 2009 under Brangelina, Eli Roth, Quentin Tarantino

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Today was Inglourious Basterds day at Cannes and the movie was a huge success there! Critics loving the movie and after the premiere screening the movie got a 10 minute standing ovation.
The day stared off with a press screening and the critics were praising Quentin Taratino’s WWII movie that will change history. Then after that the cast and QT took part in a press conference where Brad Pitt told how he became Lt Aldo Raine. He said, QT came over and when he woke up the next day there 5 empty bottles of wine and a smoking apparatus, next thing he knew he was in Germany filming IB. Dang who knew Brad was such a cheap, even I can down 5 bottles of wine and still say no…I think. Eli Roth made this comment about playing his role, “Being Jewish, this is definitely for me like Kosher porn,” Roth joked. “It’s something I fantasized about since I was a very young child.” BTW how adorable is that Miami Vice Bromance between Brad and Eli?
Next up for the Basterds was the premiere and after that screening the movie got a 10 minute standing ovation! I think that says a lot! Finally those Basterds put down their weapons and lifted their glasses to celebrate a day that went extremely well!!!
I can’t wait to see this Kosher Porn of a movie when it comes out on August 21st!!!

BTW here is video from the press conference where Brad tells the cheap date story, and also includes other cast members Diane Kruger, Mike Myers and the hottie Daniel Bruhl!!!

UPDATE: Here is the video of QT dancing with Melanie Laurent dancing on the red carpet.

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