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[ # ] The Good Doctor and New Amsterdam’s Daniel Dae Kim has Coronavirus
March 19th, 2020 under Coronavirus, New Amsterdam

Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim might be a co-creator of The Good Doctor and guest star on New Amsterdam, but that does not mean playing a doctor on television will make him immune from the Coronavirus.

He was working in Manhattan on the NBC medical drama when they told them they were shutting down production for the season. Therefore, he headed back to Hawaii to be with his family. On the plane ride back, he noticed he wasn’t feeling well. He called his doctor, and eventually got in to take the test. He says it is uncomfortable.

Anyway, he got the test results back, and it returned the positive. Maybe knowing what was wrong with him was enough to make him feel better, but it worked.

The actor says that he is willing to donate his blood to be tested to come up with a cure for this virus. Something I am sure he will find a way to be written into a future Good Doctor episode.

Kim also wanted to point out that we should not call this the Chinese Virus because it puts Asian-Americans’ lives at risk. He is Asian-American and he has it, but that is not where he got it from. If he did, then he would call it the New York Virus.

This is another example of why Donald Trump doesn’t understand how his words are dangerous. Several Asian-Americans have already been attacked physically and verbally because of that rhetoric. This is a time when we should be coming together as one, and not getting further apart. Coronavirus doesn’t care where you are from, what color your skin is, what Gd you believe in and who you love? It just cares that you are a warm body it can infect.

Get well soon, Kim! And can you offer to donate the medical props from the two medical dramas to a local hospital like The Resident?


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