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[ # ] Suburgatory drives home the laughs tonight!
January 4th, 2012 under ABC

(video from Zap2It)

Tonight at 8:30p Suburgatory is back with a new episode on ABC that really drives home the laughs. Especially because Dalia and Tessa both take their road tests. One will pass and the other will send the DMV guy to the hospital. Yeah you know which is which! So since Tessa has her driver’s license, Dalia pays her to drive her around so that she can see her crush Scott Strauss! One day while they are driving around, she winds up hitting a car that is driving by the boy himself. As soon as the city girl meets him there is a connection, but they still have to deal with Dalia. Will they hook up or will he go for the blond who needs someone to drive her around?
Then there is George who is going to a country club on Noah’s guest pass and when it runs out all he wants to do is join. Only problem someone is stopping him from doing so and it looks to be his best friend.
Tune in tonight to find out if George and Tessa will get what they want or will someone from the suburbs stops them from doing so?


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