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[ # ] Really The Kardashians are getting their own Barbies?
January 4th, 2012 under Barbie, The Kardashians

Barbie has been dressing trashier and trashier throughout the years and now she is getting her worst version yet because Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are getting their own special limited edition Barbie dolls. A source told Us Weekly, “The dolls will reflect the girls’ measurements and may even comes in Kardashian-designed outfits.” There is enough plastic in the world to make their measurements? Who knew?
Now when it comes to the doll what mother doesn’t want her little girl to own a doll line where one of them is known for having a sex tape and being married for 72 days, another one was arrested for DUI and the third one has two kids our of wedlock. Oh yeah any mother that isn’t named Kris Kardashian.
Dear Mattle, It is not too late to stop production of these doll, so please do it. I mean what is next The Teen Mom line or The Toddlers & Tiara one or The Bachelorette and her Bachelors or The Real Housewives? Oh wait the last ones should be easy to do because they all look like plastic. Little girls are playing with Barbies, not women so make the dolls for them! Thanks!


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