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[ # ] David Hasselhoff has crabs named after him!
January 4th, 2012 under David Hasselhoff/Baywatch

We all know that David Hasselhoff oozes sex, but does that mean that he has a STD named after him. Nope he has actually has a new breed of the sea creature crabs named after him. According to the BBC News a Yeti crab (known for hairy limbs) was recently discovered by a research cruise and was named “The Hoff” because of their hairy chests. Good to see that even scientists have a sense of a humor. But I wonder if Burt Reynolds the original hairy chest stud will also have a sense of humor about them not naming the sea creature after him. Maybe there will be a breed lobster that will need to wax that they can name after him!
So was does The Hoff think about the honor, of course he thinks it is hoff the hook because here’s what he Tweeted, “it used to be a bad thing to have crabs! Allow me to introduce the newest crab to the planet…The Hoff Crab!”
BTW I can’t wait to go to Red Lobster and order The Hoff. I wonder if the dish will come with cheese, it should! Right?


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