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[ # ] Stella finds out if marriage is for real on Life Sentence
March 14th, 2018 under Bill Lawrence, Lucy Hale, The CW

Tonight at 9p on The CW, Stella (Lucy Hale) continues to find out what in her life is real after being diagnosed as cancer free on Life Sentence.

Last week, Stella found out she was not dying of cancer and that should mean that her life would be even better. It is the complete opposite for her because her whole family has been lying to her since she was diagnosed 8 years ago. She found out that her parents (Dylan Walsh and Gillian Vigman) hate each other, her father is broke from paying all of her medical bills and will have to sell their house, her sister (Brooke Lyons) hates her life and her brother (Jayson Blair) avoided living one and knocked up a married woman.

This week, she has to deal with her parents fighting over selling the house and they take their anger to a whole new level. Her mother cannot wait to get rid of the house and does not tell anyone why. Causing her family to turn against her. While her dad will do anything to keep it. Can they come up with a much needed compromise?

Aiden still will not talk to his baby mama and figure out what to do next. Therefore, Stella decides to jump in and make him deal with it. Will he still find a way to avoid it?

The worst of it all is that immigration is trying to find out her marriage to Wes (Elliot Knight) is real. If they think that it is not legit, he will be deported. She has not had to face real issues since she is 15, so she keeps screwing up. Will it cost her marriage? Why did Wes really marry her after only dating for a month? Was it to get to America? What do they really know about each other and can they handle the truth?

It is a lot for her to handle and she still has to go to work every day. Who knew getting a new lease on life would be so difficult? And yet, watching this show is so easy because it is so endearing and fun to watch.


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