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[ # ] Snooki knows she is no role model
January 5th, 2011 under Ellen DeGeneres, Snooki, VH1/MTV

Snooki is on today’s Ellen Degeneres show to talk about her book A Shore Thing and during the chat she admitted something I am glad she doesn’t think she is.

Ellen: So you had fun New Year’s. You’ve been so busy lately, right?
Snooki: So busy. The book is out today.
Ellen: Yeah, and I read some passages from it. It’s racy.
Snooki: Yeah, it’s a little vulgar. I actually toned it down because I know I have a lot of young fans who are like, 13, so I took a lot of swear words out. I don’t want to get them grounded or anything.
Ellen: But the blacking out thing isn’t a good example either.
Snooki: Well, I don’t want to be a role model.
Ellen: Oh, I see. That’s a good disclaimer.

I always knew she was someone that people can’t look up to (because she is so short), but at least now I am glad to know she doesn’t think she is a role model either.
The one thing she is a role model about is not to wear a short black dress on a talk show and sit with the leg that is facing the camera crossed over the other one because it really shows your cellulite.


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