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[ # ] Sigourney Weaver, you’re holding a puppy not an Alien!
July 15th, 2013 under Animals, Sigourney Weaver

Fame Flynet
Sigourney Weaver attended the Broadway Barks Annual Adoption Event yesterday and she did a photo-op with a cute little puppy. Well it was cute to me and you, but to her it was like she was holding that thing that came out of John Hurt’s stomach in Alien. Seriously did the pup pee on her because why else would she be making that face? Or was she upset that the little guy copped a feel of both of her breasts at once with his two front paws? Didn’t she know if you go to an event called “Broadway Barks Annual Adoption” that you are going to have to hold a dog? So she should’ve been prepared. Unless she was having some fun with the cameras which I am sure was the case!


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