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[ # ] Tonight’s Under the Dome is sick!
July 15th, 2013 under Under The Dome

Tonight at 10p on CBS the people of Chester’s Mill will experience their first major outbreak Under The Dome.
When the residents start passing out with high fevers, it is up to, Alice (Samantha Mathis), the out-of-town psychiatrist to diagnosis them because there are no doctors left. She comes to the conclusion that they are suffering from meningitis even though she can’t give them the proper tests. So she starts doling out antibiotics to the sick, but their supply is limited. Will they be able to save all those that are quarantined in the hospital or will few of the people left in the town not make it to next week’s episode? When I say all those that are quarantined, I mean the whole hospital is on lock down. How will they react to being held captive not only by the Dome, but also by the hospital doors? Will the healthy people riot or will Junior be able to keep them under control? That’s right Junior is the man in charge of guarding the hospital doors and not let anyone out. We know he is good at holding one person, hostage, but what about dozens?
Meanwhile we learn more about Julia Shumay’s (Rachelle Lefevre) late husband and why Barbie (Mike Vogel) killed him, and we aren’t the only ones who will be finding out this revelation. Joe (Colin Ford) and Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz) video tape themselves having a seizure together and what they see in the playback will shock us all. But it won’t shock you as much as what happens to Angie (Britt Robertson) in the fall out shelter. Will someone discover her chained, down there before it’s too late? That’s because something happens that puts her life in peril.
A lot more questions are an answered on tonight’s Under the Dome and you don’t want to miss any of those answers because they set up things for the next few episodes.
BTW if you are thinking of reading Stephen King’s Under the Dome while watching the series, I don’t recommend it. First I am not a fan of a book, and also because it will confuse you because characters have the same names but different roles. Seriously the show is so much better than the book, and I am happy they are diverting away from it on the series.


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