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[ # ] Sean Penn can dish it, but he can’t take it
March 12th, 2010 under Sean Penn, Unadmirable People

Sean Penn said that he wishes his critics would “die screaming of rectal cancer” and when a reporter asked him about it, The Washington Examiner says that they threatened to have the police escort her out. The reporter (Tara Palmeri) from Yeas & Nays was at a “gala hosted at the Washington Hebrew Congregation and was allowed to ask one question each of the actor in a closed-door news briefing.” She asked him about his comments and the publicist immediately cut her off. Sean Penn did respond to her, but only with “You know, I think that you are investing in a culture that I am not interested in. And you should go your way.” If Sean Penn is going to wish rectal cancer on his critics, then he should have the guts to respond to them when they ask him about it. Instead of having the publicist say the interview is over in my opinion.
According to The Washington Examiner, after the reporter left the room she was told if she wanted to keep her job she would have to write a letter of apology to the Haitian Ambassador and then the paper said that she was threatened to be escorted out by police. The paper added that they also tried to take her recording device and erase the interview. As you can see from the YouTube video they did not succeed.
Seriously I will say it again, if you are going to make such a ballsy comment like telling your critics to die of rectal cancer, then you should have the balls to respond to what you said when you are asked about it and don’t back down from it. I think he should apologize for saying such a sick and disgusting thing because karma will come back and bite you in the a$$ when you say sh!t like that…no pun intended. BTW I don’t wish rectal cancer on him or any of my critics.


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