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[ # ] Ryan Reynolds wants to give dads a vasectomy for Fathers’ Day
June 11th, 2021 under Ryan Reynolds

What do most dads want for Fathers’ Days? Sex. However, that is something most of them cannot do because the things that they got from having the intercourse might come into the room.

So what do they really want? Sex with no chance of pregnancy. How can they get that? They can achieve that with anal. That is reserved for his birthdays and anniversaries. That is if he remembers the date he got married on his own. Therefore, the one way he can get safe sex is with a vasectomy.

But most men are terrified to have their boys go under the knife. Therefore, Ryan Reynolds came up with a solution. He created a drink called the Vasectomy. If you put more of his Aviation Gin than he suggested, then you will forget everything like your kids!

Therefore, don’t know what to give your baby daddy for Fathers’ Day? Give him Aviation Gin. It is the gift he won’t remember getting, but he knows he liked what you got him.



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