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[ # ] Ryan Eggold reveals he had COVID-19
September 21st, 2020 under Coronavirus, Ryan Eggold

Ryan Eggold might play a doctor on New Amsterdam. However, in real life, he recently became a patient when he tested positive for coronavirus. The actor explained why he decided to come forward about his diagnosis now.

What better way to celebrate 400K on IG than to share with you my friends that I had #COVID19 and am okay thankfully and recently went to @mountsinainyc to donate plasma! My experience of the virus was something similar to the flu, I never had trouble breathing fortunately, but I know many others have had different, more severe experiences and my heart goes out to those who have. I think in this crazy time it’s important to figure out what concrete steps we can take to help get everyone through this. Let’s be smart not afraid. Mt. Sinai and many other hospitals are doing this amazing thing which you can read more about in the LINK IN BIO. They’re collecting plasma from folks like me who’ve had it and recovered in an effort to distill the antibodies into a more concentrated form to help treat other folks and protect our much needed frontline workers. It’s called #HyperimmuneGlobulin So if you’ve recovered from Covid I highly recommend donating your plasma. Took about an hour and was relatively painless. I don’t believe in any politician as much as I believe in people and our ability to help each other when times are tough. I’m excited for the day when we can get back to human connection, people working to feed their families and pay their rent, kids back in school… not to mention all those beautiful things that make life extraordinary like a good meal out with friends, live music, theatre, sports… all that fun stuff. And we will. With the help of amazing folks like the health care workers at Mt Sinai. I had hoped to include a few pictures of the staff who helped me but Dr. Choo bravely declined any Instagram glory 🙂 But THANK YOU Dr. Choo, Crystal, Katherine, Merle and all the amazing folks at Mt. Sinai working tirelessly to help us all get through this. Let’s get back to caring about other important things as much as we care about coronavirus. If you’re on the other side of this and you feel up to it, go donate! 🙂 Stay safe, stay smart, stay connected. And thanks 400K I’m honored to be a part of your community. Thanks for having me 💛

If you had COVID-19, then please donate covalescent plasma. You might be able to save a life. What better gift than that?

Eggold is the second actor from the NBC medical drama to test postive for it. Daniel Dae Kim tested positive early on in the pandemic.


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