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April 22nd, 2015 under Robert Downey Jr.

After Channel 4 News‘ Krishnan Guru-Murthy asked Robert Downey Jr several awkward inane questions about Avengers: Age of Ultron, he took the interview to a whole new level of awkwardness. The reporter asked him about a quote from an interview the actor did in 2008 with The New York Times. In that article RDJ talked about coming out of prison and being Liberal, and KGM wanted to know more about it. When Iron Man explained that is how he felt then and not how he fells now, the bully wasn’t happy with that answer. At that point, the reporter nervously instantiated that Downey’s father is responsible for his drug use. You could see that RDJ was pissed and very upset by the questioning and decided to walk out. Even though he was at the door, the schmuck continued on with his question. Take a hint a$$hole.
Is it wrong to ask an actor about their past actions during a junket, not necessarily. But if the actor is visually upset and you are not asking the question correctly, then it is 100% wrong. And the entertainer has every reason to get up and walk out.
Especially, if said reporter has made other people so upset during interviews that they shut him down. That is exactly what happened when he was interviewed Quentin Tarantino about movie violence during the Django Unchained junket. Knowing he had a past incident like he had today, it made me wonder if he is being so forceful and controversial for ratings only. Which I personally think is a very sad ploy to get them
To see the Tarantino explosive confrontation, then



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