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September 20th, 2019 under Friends (cast)

When you think of the show Friends, you think of the main six leads. However, there is one character that really wanted to be part of the gang and, of course, it is Gunther. The manager at Central Perk who is obsessed with Rachel. Maybe even more than Ross.

Anyways to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary on Sunday, Today spoke to James Michael Tyler about his time on the show. Did you know that the actor is not a natural peroxide blonde? He dyed his hair for the show. When it was done, he went back to his natural color. Five years ago, he bleached his hair one last time for the 20th anniversary. I say last time because he says after that appearance he retired that role forever.

Even with natural hair color people were still able to recognize him. However, doing back to back films, one coming up, with a beard, he is finally able to go unnoticed.

Tyler was not cast as anyone when he joined the show in the first season. In fact, he started out as an extra. He was not upgraded until the second season. The rest is Hollywood history.


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