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[ # ] Paula Abdul finally talks about American Idol
August 31st, 2009 under American Idol 9+, Paula Abdul

Finally after weeks of being silent, Paula Abdul opens up to TV Guide Magazine on why she left American Idol.

You’re looking amazing, Paula. And you seem so happy today. No regrets about leaving American Idol?
You know, to say ‘no regrets’ isn’t easy. I feel like I have been such a big, huge part of the success of the show from day one. I loved being able to be the artist’s artist; being there from my point of view of knowing what it feels like to be vulnerable and to be out there wanting to achieve the most magical moment in a minute and thirty seconds. To be able to do that was an amazing experience and the show was wonderful for me in that regard.

Will you still tune in?
Of course I will. I’ll watch it as much as I can. I had some really unforgettable moments that hit plateaus for me and I’m very blessed to have been a part of what made television history.

Is there anything the show could do to get you back?
That’s a hard question to answer right now. I mean, I don’t think I can answer that right now.

Is it just about the money?
It’s never…I stand on principle where many people stand on money. I’m a hard-working artist. I’ve lasted in this business for 23 years. And you can’t do that unless you are good at what you do. I believe in myself and you have to have your own self respect. And sometimes decisions are very difficult to make, but I’ve always believed that at the core I’m a survivor. There’s not one thing I’ve done that I’ve really set my mind to that I’ve failed at.

Lastly, what do you want to tell your many TV Guide Magazine fans who will be missing you next season on American Idol?
The fans all should know I adore, love, appreciate and respect how much they’ve expressed their outpouring of love and support for me. That’s what keeps me going in lots of ways. The fans are supporting and rooting for me in all the future endeavors I’m doing. I love that and I’m grateful to American Idol for allowing all of that to happen.

Kind of like her judging on American Idol, she really hasn’t said anything but I have to know every word she is saying. I wonder if she is being so wishy-washy because they rumors that she will be back in January are true?
Check out TV Guide Magazine to see what she is doing next and what she wants to do now that she is no longer committed to American Idol.


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