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Guess who that little darling grew up to be?
October 18th, 2019 under Guess who?. [ Comments: none ]

Want to see what the beautiful girl looks like now, then click here!


Lady Gaga falls off the stage this way
October 18th, 2019 under Lady Gaga. [ Comments: none ]

Lady Gaga brought a fan onto the stage with her. Then she jumped on him to give him an extra big hug. He got so excited, he fell of the stage with her on top of him. Even though they took a nasty fall, she went on with the show and kept him on the stage with her.

Proving she is not only a professional, she really cares to make sure her Little Monsters are OK.

After the show, she shared some photos of her post-show routine which includes two baths. To see them, then click here!


Hot Links!
October 17th, 2019 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: none ]


Guess who is showing off her a$$ets? – Drunken Stepfather

Katie Holmes in a bikini – GCeleb

Who admitts to being a sex addict? – Dlisted

Who is embarrassed by their poo? – Celebitchy

Another reason to hate Jennifer Aniston – Pajiba

Clueless getting the Riverdale treatment? – ScreenRant


Paul Rudd takes the best naughty photos
October 17th, 2019 under Paul Rudd, Sean Evans Hot Ones. [ Comments: none ]

Paul Rudd was on Hot Ones and he took some spicy hot pornographic photos of Sean Evans. But there is a catch. Even though it looked like a naked man or woman was posing with the host, they were not. Instead, it was a trick he does with his fingers. Pretty cool like him!

Going from cool to hot, for the final wing, he did something they have not done before. They did a dab of all of the hot sauces on one wing. How did they do? They were in tears. Especially after Rudd convinced Evans to dip a finger in the leftover sauce and high-1 each other. Then when they were done, the Clueless actor made the biggest mistake, he touched his eyes. Burn baby burn, Disco inferno going on in his eyes. Worse than the pain he felt a few hours later. Burns going in, scorches going out.

I have to admit I have a greater respect for Ant-Man because it takes a big man to do all of those sauces at one. Talking about the sauces, did you know they sell them at Heatonist? I don’t know which one to try first!

Lastly, if you want to see the whole Hot Ones episode with Rudd, then click here!


BTWF: Bradley Whitford in Revenge of the Nerds 2: Nerds in Paradise
October 17th, 2019 under Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: none ]

Before Bradley Whitford an angry Santa who taught at Princeton on Perfect Harmony, he was a snotty frat boy in Revenge of the Nerds 2: Nerds in Paradise. He looks the same now as he did when he was 26 in that 1987 movie.


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