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Josh Gorban wrote a song about how beans make you fart
April 7th, 2021 under Josh Groban. [ Comments: none ]

Josh Groban has the voice of an angel, but the humor of the Devil. How does it sound when he combines the two for a song?

Bush’s Beans asked him to write a tootenanny that promotes their product, and his naughty wit shined through like his voice makes the clouds part so we can see the sun shine.

“It’s finally here and it has everything. The magic of beans, romance, whimsy, my father,” Groban said. “Thanks @BushsBeans for asking me to write this and for your donation of 250,000 cans to @FeedingAmerica. This was too much fun. Please enjoy!”

Grobs will work for food, just food for other people. I just feel bad for the Feeding America volunteers who are going to be smelling a lot of farts as they hand out the cans. Butt then again, beans are a good source of nutrition, even if they are a bad source of odor.

To read the clever lyrics, then click here!


Josh Groban and Patti LaBelle will sing at the Inaugural Prayer Service
January 19th, 2021 under Josh Groban. [ Comments: none ]

Josh Groban/Instagram

On Thursday morning, 22 hours after Joe Biden officially becomes President of the United States; he will attend the 59th Inaugural National Prayer Service with Interfaith leaders.

The program will “include prayers, readings, blessings, and hymns from interfaith leaders, celebrated artists, and other inspiring voices who will come together to mark the beginning of a new national journey that restores the soul of America, brings the country together, and creates a path to a brighter future.”

Patti LaBelle, The Clark Sisters, and Josh Groban will all be performing during the event. “A new dawn in a country so divided. I’m honored to have been asked by @joebiden to sing on the morning of his first event as president,” Groban wrote. “‘Faith’ is a word I’ve been discovering and evolving with a lot the last couple years. Whether you follow a specific religion or, like me, have a more personal journey to a definition of spirituality, I love this event because it invites all faiths, without the politics, to join hands. I’ve prepared a performance I’m so excited to share with you and with everyone involved.”

It is nice to have real religion back in the White House again. It is also great to have a man of faith occupy the Oval Office. A man who is welcoming of all religions and not just his own. We have needed that for the last four years.


Josh Groban sang at First Dog Major Biden’s Indoguration
January 18th, 2021 under Animals, Josh Groban, Politics. [ Comments: none ]

We know that Vice President Kamala Harris will be the first woman and the first African American and Indian to hold a top position in the White House. We know that her husband is the first male spouse and Jewish person to hold the title. However, we don’t talk enough about Joe Biden’s dog Major who is the first rescue to play in the White Dog House.

Well, yesterday the sweet dog got an Indoguration from Delaware Humane Association (DHA) and Pumpkin Pet Insurance. The German Shepard was adopted from DHA.

You can’t have an Indoguration without celebrities, so Jill Martin hosted the event, and Josh Groban sang. The singer reworked (How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window for the event. All of the viewers were howling over it. Then again, we always knew that Grobs has a way with bitches.

Hopefully, people will start barking about how Major is a rescue, and it will cause other people to adopt instead of shop. All of my cats were rescues, and they were/are all rare breeds. More importantly, they give you lots of love! You can buy that!


Josh Groban is releasing a new CD and performing his first holiday concert!
August 17th, 2020 under Josh Groban. [ Comments: none ]

It has been a pretty crappy year, but Josh Groban wants it to end on a high note. As in with one of his high notes. Get it?

Anyways, today the singer announced that he will be live streaming three concerts to round out the year starting in October. On October 3rd, he will be performing a concert full of Broadway hits to remind us that the Great White Way has been shut down since March.

Then in November, he is releasing a new studio album Harmony. On Thanksgiving, Grobs gives us something to be thankful for. While we wait for the turkey to cook, we can watch him sing the songs off of his new record.

Finally, on December 19th, he is streaming his first holiday concert to get us into the Christmas spirit. That is if there is a Christmas.

You can purchase all three performances for $65, or they are $25 each. We might not be able to see him sing in person, but this is the next best thing. You can say he found a way to raise us up.


Josh Groban loves trash!
July 23rd, 2020 under HBO Max, Josh Groban, Sesame Street/Muppets. [ Comments: 5 ]

Because of Josh Groban’s operatic voice, we think he is a classy guy. It turns out the singer loves trash. So much so, he is singing about it with Oscar the Grouch on HBO Max’s The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo.

You know what, hobo chic works on the Grobs. I think he should make it his new look, and bring his new friend on the road with him (when musicians can start touring again). If they go on tour together, then Oscar the Grouch won’t be as grouchy. That is because he would be making a killing cleaning up all of the garbage left over at a Groban concert. What more does he want? What more do we want? And who knew that trash could sound as good as Groban makes it sound. That voice is far from trashy.


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