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[ # ] Matthew Perry has an embarrassing p0rn story and its epic!!!
April 29th, 2015 under Conan O'Brien, Friends (cast), Matthew Perry

Back when Matthew Perry was on the Friendship show, as he calls it; he did a photoshoot that was so devastating that to this day he hates to do them. What happened?
He told Conan O’Brien tonight that the cast of Friends and ER did a photoshoot with some swimsuit models on a Saturday morning and Chandler’s bing went bing. The actor got home from it around 1p in the afternoon and needed to get his bing down. Since he was single at the time, all he could do was put on a p0rn DVD (that was before that was what the internet was for) and a half hour later he was done. Sounds like a good lover, no?
Wait! When he was done, he was also done with the movie because now it disgusted him. He compared it to those hot towels you get an on airplane that are like hot for two seconds and then they are just like wet noodles. All he wanted to do was shut off the movie and go to sleep, but the remote and the TV were not talking to each other. Since he tired himself out, he didn’t want to get up and shut it odf. Not sounding that good in the sack any more, right?
Anyways, back to his story and the embarrassing part. Since he wanted to go sleep, he decided that he would just mute the TV. He lowered the volume down to zero, but for some reason he could still hear it. Why? As he explained, “The night before, I’d gone out on my backyard with a glass of wine and listening to music. Then I realized for the last hour, I’ve been blasting a p0rn0 out of my outdoor speakers.” How did he handle it? He moved shortly after the incident. What else can you do? If you are Matthew Perry, then not only do you move but you tell the story on late night TV 20 years later for the whole wide world to hear.
If the writers of The Odd Couple don’t do something with this next season (because you know CBS is going to pick up the show), then they all need new jobs!


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