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[ # ] Last Man Standing has a new home with Cool Kids in Hell’s Kitchen!
September 28th, 2018 under Fox, Gordon Ramsay

Tonight at 8p, Last Man Standing is back but on Fox and not ABC. I, for one, was happy when I heard about this because I like the sitcom. It is one of the few shows that is responsible when showing both sides of the political spectrum.

They still do that, but they have some rough spots to work through after having a season off. The biggest problem is that Molly Ephraim left the show and now Molly McCook is playing Mandy. She is completely different than the original actress and is not working for me. She is not as lovable in the role.

The show starts off by making fun of the channel change and then take on politics. Ryan (Jordan Masterson) is glued to television and he is obsessed with how Donald Trump is ruining America. Mike (Tim Allen) has a talk with his son-in-law and that gives him a great idea. Ryan decides to move his family to Canada. Kristin (Amanda Fuller) is not sure if she wants to leave her country for her husband’s country. What will they decide? While we wait for their decision, the Baxters are all fighting with each other.

I was not wowed by the first two episodes, but like Suits, I think they will find their groove and be better than before.

Then at 8:30p, The Cool Kids debuts and I am enjoying this comedy by Charlie Day.

Charlie (Martin Mull), Hank (David Alan Greer) and Sid (Leslie Jones) all live in a retirement community and think they are the cool kids in the place. The fourth member of their group just died and now they have an open seat at their table.

New resident Margaret (Vicki Lawrence) sees the open chair at their table and sits down. The guys don’t want her there, but she does not care. She is one tough chick who truly is a cool kid.

As the guys try to throw a party for their late friend, things don’t go their way. That is until Margaret offers to help them out. Now, these three grumpy men who are settled in their ways will have a new lease on life thanks to their rebellious new friend. She will get them to feel like they are in their 40’s again.

Next week she takes them out to a nightclub and the following week, she gets them to try online dating. None of it will go smoothly, which is what we want.

These four comedic legends remind us how funny sitcoms can be. It is amazing to think that they have not worked together before because they instantly have chemistry. Plus, who doesn’t love Vicki Lawerence? Then there is Leslie Jordan who is sweeter than sweet tea. Mull is perfect for the former hippie. While DAG is perfect as the know it all who knows nothing.

If you want to be a cool kid, then watch The Cool Kids.

Finally at 9p, Hell’s Kitchen changes things up. Last season it was all about the All-Stars. This season it is Rookies vs Veterans.

That means that people who have never been on the cooking competition will be going up against people who have been there before. While that is a big change. The biggest change is that this the first time in the show’s history where it is not girls vs boys. Final-freaking-ly. It is a new dynamic for it and I love it.

We will get to see how they react when one kitchen is not full of cattiness and the other one machismo. You know, it is so much better. Hopefully, Gordon Ramsay will keep it like this for future seasons.

Back to this season, the winner is vying for a position at the world’s first Gordon Ramsay HELL’S KITCHEN Restaurant at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and $250,000. Will it be someone we know or someone we meet tonight?


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