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[ # ] 5 Best HBO Series You Need to Watch in 2024
May 15th, 2024 under HBO Max

TV shows are the perfect content to enjoy as you lay back on your couch on a lazy weekend. There have been lots of new shows pouring into popular services. Hulu, Netflix, Disney, and Max are among the top contenders for creating shows that have us glued to the screen for hours on end. With the amount of action, drama, thrill, and suspense being incorporated into these, it would only make sense to watch stuff with the settings maxed out.

That’s where your internet comes in. Thankfully, the US is a melting pot for technology and telecommunication networks never lag too far behind. If your current internet service isn’t providing substantially good service then you probably wouldn’t have a good time checking out the listicle we’re providing down below. Our advice? Reach out to Cox Internet and get hooked up with one of the best and fastest internet connections around. Not only will your online experience get boosted but also your viewing experience will go up a rung or two.

Without further ado, let’s check out the best of what HBO has to offer these days. Do keep in mind that the following list is random, and not listed according to their release dates.

Game of Thrones (H2)

GoT is no stranger to critical acclaim. The writer George R.R. Martin went to great lengths to incorporate a thrilling story into his book series; Song of Ice and Fire.

The sheer scope of the entire series was so great that making it into a show would have to involve cutting down a number of aspects of it. Regardless, Game of Thrones still went on to become one of, if not, the most successful show based on a fantasy novel.

This series boasts 8 seasons and each episode in the season is roughly about an hour and ranges from politics to barbarism to fire-breathing dragons and icy fiends. It has so much jam-packed into it that you may need to take a breather every so often just to process what’s happening. And that’s where all the fun is!

Chernobyl (H2)

The show, as hinted by the name, points to the tragedy that happened all the way back in April 1986.

Chornobyl was home to a nuclear power plant in Ukraine that exploded due to the misjudgment or mishandling of the people overseeing the project. The incident was so devastating that it resulted in the complete annihilation of wildlife, people, and buildings in a big radius.

This HBO show serves as a reenactment of that entire event, taking its viewers on a depiction of the events leading up to the blast and its aftermath. Needless to say, Chornobyl will have you gripping your pillow and anxiously nibbling on your teeth. It’s basically a mini-season, with 5 episodes only.

The show gets pretty realistic too. The producers make it a point to not hold back in depicting what truly happened back then. Get ready to witness the horror of radiation poisoning and the sacrifices people had to make back then. Nothing and no one was spared. Perhaps because the show stays so close to history is why it has done so well.

Barry (H2)

This show takes bipolar, or maybe, Multiple Personality Disorders to the next level. The protagonist, Barry, leads dual lives; an average dramatist during the day and a cutthroat assassin by night.

Yes, you read that right. Barry has an inner craving for blood but he works hard during the day to curb his bloodlust and instead pursue a regular job to the best of his potential. At nighttime though, Barry lets loose and goes on adventures fueled by enjoying the suffering he causes.

The show Barry depicts why the protagonist himself dons two personalities in the first place and his endless struggle to try and get away from the latter. It also sheds light on the grim reality that who we are and whom we want to be are two completely different things. Think about that when you give this show a watch.

The Sopranos (H2)

The Sopranos has spent a good eight years serving a very specific niche of people and giving them the very best of a crime drama that explores family values, mob killings, and everything money can buy.

Tony Soprano, the main guy, has been depicted wonderfully by the multitalented James Gandolfini to accurately show how an endless spiral of family responsibilities, politics, and hatred can turn a good man into a crazed, psychopathic killer.

What starts off as a wholesome family only goes on to show, through a beautifully arching storyline, how love and principles can be distorted into making an entire house suffer.

The Last of Us (H2)

This show began streaming in early 2023 but has successfully gripped the hearts of gamers and TV enthusiasts alike.

The Last of Us follows the story of Ellie and Joel as they embark upon a quest to rid the world of a zombie virus. On their adventure, they come across diasporas of resistance peppered across a beautiful Seattle.

You might want to binge-watch this one because we guarantee once you start, it’s going to be difficult hitting the pause button. Its second season is set to release in 2025.

Summing Up (H2)

That’s a wrap on all we got for HBO’s latest and greatest TV shows. Check these out on HBO’s streaming platform and make sure to grab a good amount of drinks and munchies. Each show has its own flair to captivate you because, “It’s not TV, it’s HBO.”


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