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[ # ] Kevin Hart retells his epic Super Bowl story!
March 6th, 2018 under Conan O'Brien, Kevin Hart, Super Bowl

Remember how shocked you were to see Kevin Hart down on the field after the Eagles won their first Super Bowl? Well turns out he was too.

Yesterday, when he was talking to Conan O’Brien he told him how he got down there with the players for his hometown’s football team. As we know, he was drunk. Being drunk gives you balls and the alcohol definitely did that for the comedian. When his team won, he told his wife and his friends that they should all go down to celebrate with the guys.

Only problem is they didn’t have passes. He didn’t care. He kept walking past security and told them that he was, “Kevin Hart,” and it worked. Once he was down on the turf, he stole some. Which he framed.

Eventually, he found himself with the football players and they tossed him around like he was football, since he is about the same size. Something he discovered the next day when he saw video from the night before.

As he was talking to the winners, he thought that Philadelphia would love to see him with the trophy. Now he was determined to go up on the stage, even though one of the players told him the trophy was next to him. He did not hear that and was destined to get on to that stage no matter what. There is only one thing that could stop him, and it was not his wife. It is a security guard twice his size.

Hart never did say if he got a picture with the trophy, but he did he say he would do it all over again! Who wouldn’t because that is the ultimate experience for a long time fan.


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