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[ # ] Julia Roberts doesn’t shower for days
December 3rd, 2008 under Julia Roberts

A man who claims to have been Julia Roberts bodyguard has some stinky news about Oscar winner according Time of the Internet.

"Julia is a total hippie," the bodyguard told Star. "She'll go days without showering."

She skips showering for a rather specific reason.

"She likes to save water — she's really green."

Not only is she energy aware, she also enjoys the feeling of not being showered.

"She likes the smell of her natural oils," the bodyguard said. "She also says that she can't wash her hair too often because it's dry."

Fortunately for Roberts, the bodyguard says she's met a kindred spirit in husband Danny Moder.

"He doesn't care because he's just as much of a hippie," said the former employee. "Those two are the farthest thing away from Hollywood glamour. They're grunge all the way."

Ewwwwww. It was bad enough when she was seen with hairy pits and now to know she doesn't shower either and they must totally smell especially since she says she doesn't wear deodorant…so gross. Showeing is our friend, please Julia befriend it!

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