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[ # ] Joey Lawrence goes for a Swim on Tubi
July 6th, 2021 under Joey Lawrence, Tubi TV

Patrick McElhenney/FOX for TUBI

Tubi is the leader of streaming Horror movies with hundreds to choose from in all genres, from action to comedy to cult classics to scary as all f*ck.

In August, they are sinking their teeth into the original Horror movie business with Swim during their month-long BiteFest, aka Shark Month.

The movie is about a family vacation that goes from bad to worse to nightmarish. Joey Lawrence and his family get trapped in their vacation rental after a storm floods the place. They quickly find out they are not alone. There is a shark who decided to share the space with them. In order to escape the killer fish, they have to go to the upper floors. As the water rises, the beast rises with it. Will they be able to make out of their getaway alive, or will they run out of floors to hide from it on? We will just have to see with a movie that will make us want to holiday inland.

Swim is from director Jared Cohn (Shark Season) and the producers of Sharknado. The film also stars Jennifer Field (Artificial), Andy Lauer (Caroline in the City), and Rib Hillis (Extreme Makeover: Home Addition).

Since one shark flick is never enough, Tubi is streaming over 70 of them, including all four Jaws movies next month. Who needs the real thing when the make-believe is so much better?

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Patrick McElhenney/FOX for TUBI

Patrick McElhenney/FOX for TUBI



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