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[ # ] Jamie Foxx messed up on live TV and surprised as George Jefferson
May 23rd, 2019 under ABC, Jimmy Kimmel

When ABC announced that they were going to do live versions of one episode from All in the Family and The Jeffersons, I thought it was going to crap all over the sitcoms’ legacy. I have been cursing out everyone involved and was prepared to freaking hate it. Shockingly, I really liked it.

When Woodly Harrelson opened his mouth and sounded like Archie Bunker, I was like what is going on? Can Marisa Tomei do just as well? I mean, we all think her Oscar was a joke. Well, she deserved it. It was like watching Jean Stapleton as Edith. Now when it comes to Mike and Gloria, Ike Barinholtz was OK and Ellie Kemper was beyond awful. Why was she the only one who did not wear a wig? She needs to stick at playing being cute and not try to be a good actress. She does not have the chops for it.

When it comes to the Jeffersons on that episode, Jovan Adepo nailed Lionel. As much as I enjoyed him, I wish they would have had someone else play him in the next episode. Just like the original series that had two Lionels. I never realized until last night that Wanda Sykes sounds like Isabel Sanford. She even looked like the late actress. Anthony Anderson was alright as Uncle Henry. He just did not have that fierceness that Mel Stewart had.

And then there was Jamie Foxx as George Jefferson. He came in like the hurricane that was Sherman Hemsley. It was like the late actor possessed him. Of course, he messed up but it just reminds you that they are doing this all live.

Next up was The Jeffersons, and we are getting a live version of the pilot episode. Jack√©e Harry played Diane and was not much like the original actress but she fit in perfectly. Kerry Washington was believable as Helen Willis. However, I wanted Lenny Kravitz to play Roxie Roker, his mom’s part. Amber Stevens West did OK as Jenny, but she did not have a lot to do. Unlike Stephen Tobolowsky (Mr. Bently) and Will Ferrell (Tom Willis). Both played their characters very calming, but not with the oomph that Paul Benedict and Franklin Cover made their roles their own. Tobolowsky just couldn’t hold his British accent for more than a few words. But it was still better than Kemper trying to do a New Yawk accident. Every time she talked, it sent a shiver down my spine.

Finally, the oddest casting choice to me was Justina Machado as Florence. Well, that was all a ruse. They decided to surprise us all and have Marla Gibbs reprise her role. Which meant she got to repeat her infamous line, “How come we overcame and no one told me?”

Her appearance was the cherry on top of what was a surprisingly good evening of programming. Hopefully, next up will be the Maude abortion episode and James’ death on Good Times. As Esther Rolle said, “Damn! Damn! Damn!” that will be good.

Oh, and I will take down that Jimmy Kimmel photo with all of the darts that I have thrown at it over the last few weeks. Sorry!


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