Seriously? OMG! WTF?I don't think that Kevin Hart helped his case - Seriously? OMG! WTF?
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[ # ] I don’t think that Kevin Hart helped his case
January 4th, 2019 under Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Hart, Oscars

Ever since Kevin Hart resigned from hosting the Oscars, he has not done any press. Now that he has a movie coming out next week, he is back doing the talk show circuit. His first stop was Ellen and Degeneres talked to him about homophobic tweets.

The host gave him six minutes to talk about it and he took all the time allotted to him. It was all me, I and Kevin Hart. Not, I am sorry that what I said was hurtful and I have learned a lot in the last 10 years since I sent out those tweets. All he did say about it was, “I know I do not have a homophobic bone in my body.” That is not enough. Which is why many people are mad at him,

Well, not DeGeneres. That is because she called the Academy and asked them to give Hart the hosting job back. They told her they wanted him back. At first, he was hesitant, but then he told the host he reevaluate his decision.

Even though the Academy said they would take him back, no word if ABC will. That is because they fired James Gunn and Roseanne Barr for the same thing. Although, Gunn’s case is much closer to Hart’s and he did not get his directing job back. Gunn jumped studios.

Therefore, I do not think Hart should host the Oscars. I am saying that even after lobbying for him to get the job for nearly two years, with The Rock.

Now, when it comes to him whining about having to apologize over again. It is part of the job. Hugh Grant, Rob Lowe, Charlie Sheen and Christian Bale have to do it, so does Hart. You don’t want to become a Michael Richards. Remember him?

I think Hart needs to get a crisis management publicist to help him. Then he needs to talk to African-American gay men to understand why his tweets are so harmful to them and their community.

How do you think Hart did during the interview?


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