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[ # ] How did Blake Shelton get in trouble with Gwen Stefani on The Tonight Show?
March 20th, 2018 under Blake Shelton, Jimmy Fallon, The Voice

Blake Shelton is People’s Sexiest Man Alive this year and I think it his dry sense of humor that earned him that title. That humor is always evident on The Tonight Show, and Jimmy Fallon loves coming up with new ways to bring it out of him every time he is on the NBC show.

Yesterday, Fallon challenged Shelton to a hard game called Name That Song. I say it is hard because they have to guess a song as it plays out one instrument at a time. I only got one of them before the guys and it is a tune The Voice coach should have known. But I am getting ahead of myself.

The game is just the background story in this video. It is Blake’s comments that truly make it. As soon as Fallon described the game, Shelton said, “Why are your games so stupid?” That was before they even started, and it got even worse. When Blake got the first song wrong and Jimmy rubbed his face in it, he said, “I don’t know why I come to this show…Please, I miss Johnny Caron so badly.”

Then it was calmish for a bit, until Blake could’ve sworn it was Willie Nelson’s On the Road Again and it wasn’t. Then he thought it was Hard to Handle and again it wasn’t. It was actually Charlie Daniels’ Devil Goes Down to Georgia. As this point, the devil started going down in 30 Rock and he called bullcrap on The Roots. He’s a good mama’s boy and kept saying bullcrap instead of what we say. Anyways, he told the house band that they are playing songs that they are not. In defeat he blurted out, “Why do I this show? All I wanna do is sing my song.”

Now this is when the trouble really starts for Shelton. You see the next clue was his girlfriend’s song Hollaback Girl which everyone got before them. When he realizes how bad he screwed up, he goes to the stage to sit down in shame. Fallon comforts his friend by telling him, he is in so much trouble. All Blake could say is, “I came to this show to promote my album and I am losing everything. Everything in my life.” As they got back up to play again, he turned to his publicist and said, “Can we do Seth Meyers next time? Please.”

The last song took a while for Shelton to get, which is weird because he sang it. I wonder why he didn’t get Footloose sooner, especially because he recorded it for the remake. You think he would know every chord of it.

But what really strikes a chord in me is how much of an odd couple Fallon and Shelton are. One is a grumpy old Bulldog and the other one is annoyingly happy Jack Russell. Someone should give them a game show where every week they play new games and drink the rice wine. They can call it Falton!


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