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[ # ] How are they going to make a View-Master movie?
February 28th, 2019 under Mattel, Movies

When I was a kid I enjoyed looking into View-Master, but it is so last century. No offense, but cheap VR boxes are more hip and they suck.

Anyways, as much as I love the ancient artifact, I never saw it being made into a movie. In fact, I still don’t. While that is me and probably millions of other people, we are not MGM and Mattel Films. That is because The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that they are working on doing a live-action movie about the toy. How? Why?

Oh wait, I can see it now (no pun intended). The viewer can be sucked into the View-Master and experience whatever they viewing. Kind of like Jumanji, I guess.

Back to the film, it is in the early stages. So early they do not have a writer or a director, therefore maybe it will not get made. Yet, somehow I just talked myself into wanting to see it get produced.


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