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[ # ] Heather Mills wants a second chance with Paul McCartney?
May 26th, 2007 under Paul McCartney/Heather Mills, The View

According to News of the World she wants to get back with Paul McCartney. A close friend (she has friends?) of hers said, "She said she'd been devastated by the divorce and has become an emotional wreck. Heather doesn't care about the huge load of money coming her way. She'd much rather be happily married than rich and miserable. She said she would gladly give back every penny for another shot at happiness with Paul. She loved being married to him and it was the biggest regret of her life that things became so awful between them that divorce was the only option." Her friend also added, "She wants Bea to grow up with both her parents and is prepared to sacrifice a potential showbiz career for that."

Yeah, I believe she wants to get back with him because she was so happy with him. She realized no one cares about her without him. In fact we have already forgotten about her in the States after she did Dancing with the Stars. And to make matters worse for her wanna be stardom, Barbara Walters disinvited her to guest host on The View because she did not show up for an earlier interview according to the Daily Mirror. I really hope he doesn't take her back.


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