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May 26th, 2007 under Arrested, Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan was cited for DUI after her Mercedes stuck a curb at 5:30a. Lohan and the two people in the car with her left the accident in another car and were taken to the hospital. She was cited and released because she was admitted to a hospital for minor injuries according to AP. Lohan was not taken to the police station because she was in the hospital. She will have to appear in court, but no date has been announced.

An X17 photographer who was following her describe how she spent the night before she got into her accident.  

midnight last night – Lindsay left her condo and headed to Les Deux nightclub in her black GMC SUV, driven by her bodyguard Jaz

3 am – Lindsay left Les Deux and went to a private house party in the Hollywood Hills

4 am – Lindsay left the party looking inebriated, according to our photographer, and made a pit stop at the Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel

4:45 am – Lindsay left the Skybar and headed back to her condo on Doheny Drive (until this point she was being driven by her bodyguard Jaz, in the SUV)

5:15 am – Lindsay leaves her condominium building in her black Mercedes SL 65 convertible and loses control of the car (a V12) just a few block away

5:25 am – Lindsay flees the scene of the accident, where her car "hit some bushes," according to Sergeant Mike Foxen of the BHSD

5:30 am – the Beverly Hills Sheriff's Department receives a call from a witness to the accident and officers head to the scene to investigate

6:30 am – Lindsay's car is towed from the scene of the accident at Foothill and Sunset (times are approximate)

The photographer added that when she left the party at 5a she looked "completely wasted. It looked like Lindsay had been partying all night and she appeared to be in no condition to drive." My question is, if the X17 photographer saw that she was in no condition to drive why didn't he try to stop her? Not that it is responsibility, but still you would think he might have said something to someone. (UPDATE: She was being chauffeured at the time, so it makes sense why they didn't stop her. And when she did get behind the wheel, she entered the car in an underground garage. Her friends should've stopped her.)

Looks like her dad was correct when he told In Touch Weekly that he wishes she would go back in to rehab. 

At the rate these celebs are getting arrested for DUI, Century Regional Detention Facility is going to have to add a celebrity wing.

UPDATE: A press conference added additional charges may be added to the DUI charge. Right now she is only charged with a misdemeanor, but they might be adding felony charges. The injury that she sustained was to her upper chest area and that she was the only one injured in the accident. There was other contraband found in the vehicle and it was illegal narcotics. She was charged for driving under the influence of alcohol (her blood alcohol level was not released), but that might change. 

Sounds like she might be in big trouble. How long do you think it will be until she is back in rehab?

UPDATE: Splash News also describes how Lindsay Lohan spent the night before her accident and if you click on the link you can see video of it. 

Lohan spent Friday night partying with a group of female pals at trendy Hollywood club Les Deux. The group left the night spot at around 2.30am and went on to a house party in the Hollywood Hills – where they stayed until about 4.30am. Onlookers said Lohan was visibly upset as she left the party and got out of the chauffeur-driven SUV on the way back to her house. "The SUV pulled into a side street and Lindsay just jumped out," one eyewitness said. "She was shouting ‘F*** you guys’ and seemed in a real state. She started running down the street with the driver following her. "Then a male friend in another car followed her as well and picked her up." Lohan and her pals then headed for the five-star Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Strip, where the actress tried to book a room for the night. A source at the hotel said: "She was standing at the reception desk practically begging for a room. "The staff told her they were fully booked for the night but she was kicking up a real fuss – and said she would pay any price for a suite. "They told her they were full over and over again, so she asked them to try and book her a room at another hotel before running into the bathroom and leaving." Lohan and her friends then headed back to her apartment block and went inside. Moments later the actress’s DJ friend Samantha Ronson emerged from the building, with Lohan apparently trying to stop her leaving. An onlooker said: "Lindsay drove her Merceded out of the front gate, drove over to Samantha and told her to get in the car, but Samantha said no. "Lindsay then spotted she was being filmed by paparazzi and threw a medicine bottle out of the car window at them. "She didn’t seem to want her picture taken on this occasion. "Samantha eventually got in the car and sat on someone else’s lap who was inside." Lohan drove west along Sunset Boulevard but seemingly lost control of the car and hit a tree. The crash took place in a plush area of Beverly Hills – just around the corner from Tom Cruise’s house and the new Beckham home. An eyewitness said: "The front side of Linsay’s car had struck a palm tree on the corner of the street. "The bumper, headlight and hood were completely smashed – it looked a real mess. "Lindsay got out of the car straight away and ran to a nearby house. She seemed to be speaking to a security guard. "Her driver then came along and moved the wrecked car out of the way before taking Lindsay home."

UPDATE: According to Breitbart, "Officers at the scene found a "usable amount" of a drug tentatively identified as cocaine, McCann said. He declined to say where the drug was found other than to say Lohan was not carrying it."


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