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[ # ] Chicago Fire stuns, The Muppets fails and Fresh Off the Boat’s New Year
February 2nd, 2016 under ABC, Dick Wolf, NBC
Tonight’s Chicago Fire on NBC at 10p is such a thriller, there is a moment that will leave you breathless.
There is a credible threat against the city of Chicago, but there are many different targets throughout the Windy City. Law enforcement asks all the first responders to help out with the threat. Unfortunately for our Chicago Fire team they are sent to ground zero. A man starts shooting inside and outside the building where some of our firefighters and the paramedics are located. The shooter is going room to room and shooting anyone he finds.
Will our team get out alive or will the murderer be taken out before he gets the chance. You don’t want to miss a single second of this suspenseful well-done episode.

The Muppets are back tonight at 8p on ABC. Not only are the reworking the show from behind the scenes, they are also reworking them from in front of the camera. There is a new executive at the network and she wants to make some changes to Miss Piggy’s talk show. She wants to make it more like Jimmy Fallon and James Corden’s shows, so Kermit decides to get the other Muppets to be a part of it with different type of bits. It has potential but falls flat.
Not as flat as next week’s show when Miss Piggy has a wardrobe malfunction. Her pig tail gets exposed and people are in a uproar over it.
Kristin Newman took over the ranks of the show; and I know from her past work on That ’70s Show, The Neighbors and Galvant, she is better than this. So I am just going to assume that is more of Bill Prady’s doing than her’s since the show hasn’t changed as Bob Kushell left.
Sadly the adult Muppets are missing the joy that we got from the original series. Until they bring it back this show won’t be.

Then at 8:30p on Fresh Off the Boat, it is time for a show with lot of heart.
It’s the Chinese New Year and the Huangs are all excited to go back home to spend it with their family and friends. Only problem is that Louis (Randall Park) screwed up the dates and they missed their flight. Now they have to find a place to celebrate it in Orlando which is harder than they thought.
Will they find a place to spend the New Year or will they spend it alone? I don’t care as long as we get to spend it with them.


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