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Zac Efron likes to go down under
February 9th, 2023 under Zac Efron. [ Comments: none ]

Zac Efron has spent a lot of time in Australia. And now we know he loves to go under. Not as in the country. That’s right. Perrie Kap said on the podcast This One Friend that her one friend said that the actor likes to perform oral on women, according to Daily Mail.

You can say he is starving for it! And this is more proof of why Zac Efron is the perfect guy.

BTW Am I the only one wondering if is this how he really broke his jaw a few years ago???


Zac Efron reunites with his High School Musical
July 22nd, 2022 under High School Musical, Zac Efron. [ Comments: none ]

Zac Efron broke the internet today. No, he sadly did not pose naked again. However, he returned to his high school, where he performed in three of their musicals.

That’s right! He was in Utah and visited East High for his 16th reunion.

While that is cool and all, what makes it cooler is that he posed like Judd Nelson at the end of The Breakfast Club and said, “Don’t you… Forget about me ✊🏼”

And that is the best thing the Wildcat has done since the franchise. Yeah, I said that. Are you going to contradict me? Didn’t think so.


Zac Efron just made us all feel old
February 9th, 2022 under Zac Efron. [ Comments: none ]

Zac Efron is starring in the movie Firestarter which comes out on May 13th. That is not the big deal. However, the fact that he is playing the father of an 11-year-old daughter is. Didn’t he just play a high school student in some musical movies? When did he get that old? When did we get that old? How can he be 34? How old does that make me?


Zac Efron kidnapped his grandpa
July 13th, 2021 under Zac Efron. [ Comments: none ]

Zac Efron is back in the States, so he went to visit his grandpa. Actually, he kidnapped him from his assisted living place. He would have gotten away with the crime if he didn’t put it on Instagram.

At least they had some fun before the Touchmark Terrace police caught up with them.

I wonder if the actor’s punishment was to entertain all of the grandmothers at his grandpa’s place? How hot would it be for all those ladies? I am sure his grandpa became the stud after this. That makes all of this worth it.


Who knew Zac Efron was into slapstick comedy?
March 29th, 2021 under Zac Efron, Zach Braff. [ Comments: none ]

Zac Efron was checking out a garden, and he didn’t notice something in his path. That thing was a rake, and he stepped on the medal part of it.

What happens when you do that? The wood part stands straight up and hits you in the face. That caused the actor to fall down—a move we have seen in many slapstick comedies. Therefore, when he is ready to return to acting, I think he needs to do a movie like that. Preferably not another one with Seth Rogen because he is better than that.


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