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Pat Sajak undergoes emergency surgery
November 9th, 2019 under Wheel of Fortune. [ Comments: none ]

Wheel of Fortune did something unusual on Thursday and cancelled a taping of the game show because “Pat Sajak underwent successful emergency surgery to correct a blocked intestine.” The game show says, “He is resting comfortably and looking forward to getting back to work.”

Since the show must go on, it did so with Vanna White as the host. No word if she had to do double duty and turn the letters too. Which would be quite entertaining if that was the case. However, I doubt that they would do that to her.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to see her episodes. If I were Sajak, I would be nervous because I betcha she is going to do a great job.

BTW would it be wrong to say that Sajak is so full of sh!t and that is why he had the surgery? It is something I think he would appreciate with his sense of humor. Get well soon, Pat.


How Pat Sajak is going to get you to watch Wheel of Fortune this season
September 9th, 2019 under Wheel of Fortune. [ Comments: none ]

Wheel! Of! Fortune! is back for its 37th season tonight. Are you still a Wheel Watcher? I am not. Although, I am reconsidering that stance after reading Pat Sajak’s tweet.

That is because the host wrote, “I’m not a believer in hexes or curses, but I’ve heard that many of those who failed to watch last season’s premiere of Wheel suffered many unexplainable medical conditions. So, just to be safe, you might want to watch the beginning of our 37th season tonight.”

All of a sudden, I feel the feel, the feel the Wheel. Therefore, tune into tonight because your health might depend on it.


Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek won’t be retiring until at least 2022
October 31st, 2018 under Game Shows, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune. [ Comments: 2 ]

Despite Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak and Jeopardy Alex Trebek hinting about retiring soon, today we found out that that will not be happening for at least another four years. That is because Sony Television announced today that they renewed both of their contracts and Vanna White’s through 2022. Meaning they will not be going anywhere for a while.

Which is a good thing because their game shows are one of the few constants that we have and we need that in this mad mad world.


Did Pat Sajak just reveal he is going to retire?
July 9th, 2018 under Game Shows, Wheel of Fortune. [ Comments: none ]

Pat Sajak has been pretty much been hosting Wheel of Fortune since 1991 and looks like the game show host is getting ready to retire. The 71-year-old tweeted this over the weekend, “Thinking ahead to retirement in a few years. Might be time to break out the Beanie Baby collection and cash in.”

Does it sound like he is ready to call it a day on one of the easiest jobs in Hollywood? If he does, then what will you do? Better yet, who should replace him?

More importantly are Beanie Babies worth anything because I got a few I could sell?


Did this Wheel of Fortune guest say flamingo or Flamenco?
April 10th, 2018 under Game Shows, Wheel of Fortune. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday on Wheel of Fortune, a contestant lost $7,100 because Jonny said the wrong word. Instead of saying “Flamenco Dance Lessons,” he said, “flamingo.” With that response, he went bankrupt on that puzzle for that mispronunciation.

While that was sad enough, what was funny was his expression as Pat Sajak told him he did not solve the puzzle. If looks could kill, Sajak would be dead right about now. Funk soul brother.

One thing we can all assume, Jonny will never ever take Flamenco dance lessons.


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