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The WGA Strike is finally over!!!
February 12th, 2008 under WGA Strike. [ Comments: none ]

The WGA announced that the 100 day old strike is officially over. Now get back to work ASAP because I need my TV shows now!!! 

The writers cancel the Golden Globes Awards show
January 7th, 2008 under WGA Strike. [ Comments: none ]

The writers win and the fans lose as the WGA forced the cancellation of the Golden Globe Awards show according to MediaWeek.
NBC reportedly made a last-ditch effort to salvage at least part of the Golden Globes broadcast, whereby actors could walk down a red carpet of sorts, and then be spirited off to the all-important after parties. NBC had hoped to telecast the red carpet affair, and then announce winners of the awards at a press conference, capturing winners' reactions at the parties. 
So the writers claim a victory by canceling the awards show and that they are sticking it to the man. But let's look at this way, the studios still get the awards. So a year from now does it make a difference who accepted the award or the that fact that they won? I go with the latter. Plus they save them all the money it would cost to rent limos, buy dresses, hire babysitters, fly people and so on. So another benefit for the studios. I could be wrong though.
So who really loses? The fans. People who don't understand this strike are not only losing their shows, now that are losing their awards shows. That is why it is telecast, not for the studios but for the fans.
I hate awards shows and even I am bummed that this one and possibly the Oscars too will be scrapped.
As Jimmy Kimmel said (referring to the way the writers were picketing Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien's shows) "sometimes you need to back off!"
To the writers please think of the fans when it comes to the Oscars! Don't cancel them too.
I really hope that both sides get together and start talking and come up with a deal that works for both ASAP! 
Oh well I am off to watch Dance War which will now have more viewers since there is no new Heroes or 24 because of the WGA strike.  
UPDATE: Here is a statement from the HFPA:

“We are all very disappointed that our traditional awards ceremony will not take place this year and that millions of viewers worldwide will be deprived of seeing many of their favorite stars celebrating 2007’s outstanding achievements in motion pictures and television,” said Jorge Camara, President of The Hollywood Foreign Press Association.  “We take some comfort, however, in knowing that this year’s Golden Globe Award recipients will be announced on the date originally scheduled.”

Variety is also reporting that the parties are being cancelled, so people that relied on the money that they would have made that night are SOL. Fashion designers, makeup artists, jewelers, limo drivers, waitresses, bartenders and so on are also losing out financially. 

Kimmel to do Leno and Leno to do Kimmel on Thursday
January 5th, 2008 under Jimmy Kimmel, Talk Shows, WGA Strike. [ Comments: none ]

(photo from
Jimmy Kimmel will be a guest on Jay Leno's show and then Jay Leno will be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel's show according to the NY Times!

In the course of meetings with the writers’ guild over what the hosts would be permitted to do and telephone discussions between the shows about mutual interests, Mr. Leno and Mr. Kimmel established a relationship, the late-night representatives said. Mr. Kimmel even offered some words of support for Mr. Leno on Wednesday during his first show back.

Mr. Leno, who has been the leading star in late-night television for well over a decade, extended an invitation to Mr. Kimmel, who then reciprocated, the representatives said.

Neither have been on the others show before Thursday, so it will be interesting to see these two interviewing the other one. Plus you know me anything that gives Kimmel more publicity is a good thing in my book!!!
Hopefully the New York hosts will do the same for each other because the WGA is trageting Conan O"Brien, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on Monday when the latter two join Conan and go back on the air for the first time since the strike started.

Amen to Jimmy Kimmel!!!
January 3rd, 2008 under Jimmy Kimmel, Talk Shows, WGA Strike. [ Comments: none ]

via Jimmy Kimmel Live!!!
Jimmy Kimmel has said what I have been saying about the WGA strike and the late night talk show hosts. I guess that is why I like him so much, great minds think alike!!! What was not seen in that monologue is that he has segments on his show that showed past clips which he called so the unemployed writers can get residuals. Way to go Jimmy!!!!
Here are the other monologues in no particular order…

Personally I think that Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien who did not have their writers did a funnier monologue than David Letterman and Craig Ferguson who did have their writers. I have to admit that was the first time I laughed at one Leno’s monologue in a really long time and the first time I actually saw one of Conan’s. I also have to admit I got a few chuckles with Craig’s but not many with David Letterman.


The WGA strikers outside where Kimmel and Leno were taping
January 2nd, 2008 under Jimmy Kimmel, WGA Strike. [ Comments: none ]

Kimmel Leno strikers

So I figured I would drive by where Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno tape to see what the striking situation was and share with you what I saw.
As you can see by the first part of the video, no one was striking outside Jimmy Kimmel’s on Hollywood Blvd at 4:30p pst. Which is a good thing because you know I don’t like when anyone mess with Kimmel. (Secret, I almost tried to see if I could get in to today’s taping but I was too lazy to go in to the lot and see if Guillermo was actually working it and would let me get away with not paying the $10 fee to park.)
Then after Kimmel’s I drove over to where Jay Leno tapes in Burbank and as you can see that is a whole different situation at 4:45p. The second part, I think is actually Ellen Degeneres’ entrance and the third part is Jay Leno’s. Because it was 4:45p all the guests were inside, so you couldn’t see what that was like. On normal taping days there is normally a line of people waiting to get in that is larger than all the people that were out there striking.
Yes I know it is not that exciting and the video is way too fast and wobbly, but seriously it is hard to drive and film at the same time.


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