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[ # ] Kimmel to do Leno and Leno to do Kimmel on Thursday
January 5th, 2008 under Jimmy Kimmel, Talk Shows, WGA Strike

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Jimmy Kimmel will be a guest on Jay Leno's show and then Jay Leno will be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel's show according to the NY Times!

In the course of meetings with the writers’ guild over what the hosts would be permitted to do and telephone discussions between the shows about mutual interests, Mr. Leno and Mr. Kimmel established a relationship, the late-night representatives said. Mr. Kimmel even offered some words of support for Mr. Leno on Wednesday during his first show back.

Mr. Leno, who has been the leading star in late-night television for well over a decade, extended an invitation to Mr. Kimmel, who then reciprocated, the representatives said.

Neither have been on the others show before Thursday, so it will be interesting to see these two interviewing the other one. Plus you know me anything that gives Kimmel more publicity is a good thing in my book!!!
Hopefully the New York hosts will do the same for each other because the WGA is trageting Conan O"Brien, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on Monday when the latter two join Conan and go back on the air for the first time since the strike started.

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