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Julia Roberts was fangirling over Cher, and Cher wasn’t having it!!!
December 6th, 2023 under Cher, Graham Norton, Julia Roberts, Timothée Chalamet, Tom Hanks. [ Comments: none ]

I love Cher. And her appearance on The Graham Norton Show is another reason why.

Norton wanted to talk to the legend about the fact that someone is going to be playing her in a biopic. So, Julia Roberts yelled out, “Say it’s me. Please, say it’s me.” Then, Cher looked over her, tapped her shoulder, and said, “OK. It’s you.” to shut her up, which Roberts didn’t do.

Julia then imitated the unique way Cher flicks her back. And you can tell at this point Cher was over it because the singer looked at Norton as to say to him that he should pay attention to me and not her.

So he got the message and did. That is when he asked her if they had cast someone to play the part. And she said they haven’t because she can’t find anyone to fit her extraordinary life into a script short enough to be a movie.

So Cher asked for Tom Hanks’ help since he produced Mamma Mia 2, a movie she starred in, and he loved her singing in it. He especially loved the way she sang Abba’s Fernando. So he said as long as someone sings that song, it will be fine.

Hanks accidentally opened up a can of worms because she explained to him that she will be doing her own singing in the film. She hates it when people sing other people’s songs in production because it never sounds like the original singer.

That is when Roberts chimed in again, to explain not all the time. That is because Timothée Chalamet, who was also a guest, had just been cast to play Bob Dylan.

The difference between Cher and Dylan, is she is known for her voice, and Dylan for his lyrics.

Anyways, back to Cher. Roberts added that no one is like Cher and lovingly asked her, “How do you stand yourself?” Cher told, “I don’t! I’m a pain in the ass.”

But not as big of a pain in the ass as Roberts was to her during this episode.

And there was just one more zinger from Cher to Julia. When Cher said that her life was too big for a movie script, Roberts suggested they turn it into a miniseries. Cher didn’t even look at her when she said with disdain, “Yeah. I don’t think so.”

And with that, I love Cher even more! Because she doesn’t have time for anyone’s bullshit, including another Oscar winner who used to be highest paid female film actress.


Cher is not a Cher fan
December 1st, 2023 under Cher, Graham Norton, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks. [ Comments: none ]

Cher has had a loyal fanbase for over 50 years. But there is one person who is not a member of the Cher crew.

Today, when the legend was on The Graham Norton Show, the host asked her if she listens to her own music. “I am not a big Cher fan, so I don’t usually.” Then she added, “I usually like the songs that were hits.” Can you Believe that?

Norton followed up by wanting to know if she watches her own movies, and she told him no without hesitation.

Then Tom Hanks interjected and told her, “You’re missing out. Motion picture perfection, Mamma Mia 2. Fernando. When she busts out Fernando, the World stops, suns clash with the stars.”

Norton added Moonstruck, while Julia Roberts said Silkwood. I say Mask is by far her best film. That final scene has me ugly crying every time. What movie do you think is her best?

Now, back to her not being a Cheraholic. That makes me love her even more. Because so many Divas love themselves more than they should. For example, one who just released an audiobook for her memoir that is almost 50 hours long.


BTWF: Tom Hanks in He Knows You’re Alone
October 23rd, 2023 under Before They Were Famous, Tom Hanks. [ Comments: none ]

via Buzzfeed

Before Tom Hanks was a two-time Oscar winner, he got his start in He Knows You’re Alone. He looks the same now as he did when he was 23 in that 1980 movie.


Tom Hanks photobombs Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s photo
May 30th, 2023 under Kristen Bell, Shania Twain, Tom Hanks. [ Comments: none ]

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are so A-List that they got better tickets to see Shania Twain at the Hollywood Bowl than Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

And by the looks of the two-time Oscar winner’s face in this photo, he is not happy about it. And I don’t blame him. He should have been front and center.


Things got catty on the red carpet for A Man Called Otto
January 10th, 2023 under Tom Hanks. [ Comments: 4 ]

Embed from Getty Images

We think that Tom Hanks is the star of A Man Called Otto because he plays Otto. However, he is not. That title goes to Smeagol the cat.

Even though Smeagol is the lead, the kitty never gets the star treatment. However, the feline got to walk the red carpet with their co-star yesterday.

Now Smeagol knows what it is like to get the recognition they deserve! I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Until then, you can see Smeagol in theaters now in their purrfect role. Can animals get Oscar nominations? They should be able to.


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