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Abby Lee Miller got a face lift while she was awake
February 10th, 2020 under Dance Moms, The Doctors. [ Comments: none ]

Abby Lee Miller has had a rough few years. She did almost a year in federal prison for felony bankruptcy fraud. Then when she got out, she found out she had cancer, and it was in her spine. Doctors performed emergency surgery on her back to remove the cancer, and she was left unable to walk. Slowly, she is getting back that ability.

With all of that going on, it is no surprise she wanted to do a little something to make her feel better. Thus, she decided to get a facelift, and The Doctors filmed the procedure and aired it today.

Since she could not go under full anesthesia, Dr. Payman Simoni performed the operation while she was awake. That is right; she watched them liposuction out her chin fat. Not only that, Miller was fully conscious as they cut her open and moved her muscles closer together. The dance teacher was also aware when they peeled back her skin and super glued it back together.

Screw that. I prefer to look like crap than be awake for that nightmare. This is something they do in horror movies. I would rather watch one, then be in one.

Yes, she looks better, but it would not be worth it to me. No freaking way in hell.

Oh, and to The Doctors, can you talk to her about the tan. It is way too much and makes her look as fake as her reality show Dance Moms.


Kym Whitley got a neck lift
January 29th, 2020 under The Doctors, Young and Hungry. [ Comments: none ]

Kym Whitley hated The Doctors the way her neck looks, so she would try to cover it up whenever she was being photographed at events. Therefore, she went to Dr. Michael Niccole to get a neck lift to get rid of the rolls.

Now that she is healed, the Young & Hungry actress is on The Doctors today to show off her new neck. There will be no more hiding it because it looks amazing. It changed her whole appearance, and it made her look thinner. Not that she is heavy, but it really makes a difference. Don’t you think the 58-year-old comedienne looks fabulous?

So much so, I want the surgery. That is until I saw what goes into having one done. To see part of the procedure then, click here!


The Doctors get spanked on today’s show
January 28th, 2020 under The Doctors. [ Comments: 4 ]

Did you know that Spanking Therapy is a thing? Well, it is. Today, on The Doctors, not only do they do talk about it, but they also try it out.

Is it the release that Miss Chris says it is? At first, Dr. Travis Stork was nervous to try it out as he bent over her knee, but after a few smacks, his body relaxed. Next up was Andrew P. Ordon, and he was more than happy to give it a try. Guess what? He liked it. Finally, it was Dr. Judy Ho’s turn, and she was not going to take it lying down. Therefore, she stood up with her butt to the Professional Disciplinarian and let the woman do her magic.

What was their take from it? Dr. Stork says, “I am so nervous that the three of us are going to go backstage and start spanking one another.” Did they? That is something that fan fiction is all about.

What is my take of it? I am slapping myself for getting into the wrong business. I could make $125 spanking people’s butts. Is there a course I can take because that is what I want to do for a living! Any volunteers?


The Doctors debate if Kanye West ate his own ear wax
October 30th, 2019 under The Doctors. [ Comments: none ]

The Doctors deal with a lot of medical issues on their talk show and they recently took up the case of if Kanye West ate his own ear wax in a viral video. Dr. Andrew P. Ordon thinks he had something else in his hand and ate that. However, I think he ate it.

Then when the debate was over they discussed if it is healthy to eat the stuff that comes out of your ears. It is. Next up, was talking about the color of it. The lighter the better. If it is greenish or black, it is time to go to the doctor and not The Doctors.

After watching that video, how many of you stuck your finger in your ear to see what color your wax is? I will start it and I say I did.



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