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[ # ] The Doctors get spanked on today’s show
January 28th, 2020 under The Doctors

Did you know that Spanking Therapy is a thing? Well, it is. Today, on The Doctors, not only do they do talk about it, but they also try it out.

Is it the release that Miss Chris says it is? At first, Dr. Travis Stork was nervous to try it out as he bent over her knee, but after a few smacks, his body relaxed. Next up was Andrew P. Ordon, and he was more than happy to give it a try. Guess what? He liked it. Finally, it was Dr. Judy Ho’s turn, and she was not going to take it lying down. Therefore, she stood up with her butt to the Professional Disciplinarian and let the woman do her magic.

What was their take from it? Dr. Stork says, “I am so nervous that the three of us are going to go backstage and start spanking one another.” Did they? That is something that fan fiction is all about.

What is my take of it? I am slapping myself for getting into the wrong business. I could make $125 spanking people’s butts. Is there a course I can take because that is what I want to do for a living! Any volunteers?


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