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Did Abby Lee Miller just reveal the new elite team and their Dance Moms?
February 1st, 2019 under Dance Moms. [ Comments: none ]

A few weeks ago, Abby Lee Miller revealed that she will be doing another season of Dance Moms for Lifetime. Earlier this week, she flew back to Pittsburgh to begin filming.

The original elite team has moved on to do movies and TV shows, so she needs a new group of dancers for the reality show. Today, she posted a photo on a bus with some kids and their moms and wrote, “On the road again… I can’t wait to get on the road again! We’re headed North to New Jersey for Starbound! Any advice for us?”

Is this the new cast for Dance Moms? She did not say, but I cannot believe anyone would want to do the show after seeing how she treats people. Then again, I guess people will do anything for fame. I am sure DM helped to catapult JoJo Siwa’s merchandising career. We definitely know it helped Maddie Ziegler, Chloe Lukasiak and Nia Frazier become actresses. Without it, they would just be high school students in Pennsylvania.


I will not make fun of Jojo Siwa’s big bows anymore
January 22nd, 2019 under Dance Moms, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

Whenever I see JoJo Siwa still wearing her hair in a high ponytail with a huge bow at 15, I think she needs to give it up already. It was cute when she was a kid, but she is in high school now. It is more sad than cute.

Then yesterday when she was on The Tonight Show yesterday, she told him that she has sold over 45 million of them this year alone. As soon as I heard that, my bow was off to her. That is beyond crazy.

She had my respect until she explained their purpose. She says if you wear one, then you are a member of the Siwanator. That means you are “strong, confident, powerful. You believe in yourself. You believe in everyone. You love everyone. You support everyone.” Then she added, “Say you are at school and you do not have anyone to sit with at lunch. And you see a kid wearing a Jojo bow, you know you can sit with them because they are Siwanator.” Teens, is that true these days? I don’t remember having friends because we bonded over wearing the same thing? It is a nice theory, but I just don’t believe that. Do you?

When it comes to Jojo, was she this annoying when she was on Dance Moms? I get it, she is 15 and she is full of energy, but I am exhausted after watching that.


Abby Lee Miller says we are getting a new season of Dance Moms
December 30th, 2018 under Dance Moms. [ Comments: none ]

It the last two years, Abby Lee Miller quit Dance Moms, served a year in prison and battled cancer.

Come January, she will be back doing Dance Moms without the girls we know because they have all moved on to do movies and television shows. Therefore you have to wonder who will watch because as much as she thinks it is all about her, it wasn’t. That is why her other shows on Lifetime all failed.

Plus, you have to wonder what the F is Lifetime thinking to get back on the dance floor with her? Did they forget all the headaches she put them through? And that is just listening to her voice when she barked out her demands.

Personally, I say it is time to let the show go away. It had its moment in television history and now that book is closed.

Will you watch?


Abby Lee Miller prepared Chloe Lukasiak for this acting role!
December 13th, 2018 under Dance Moms. [ Comments: none ]

Anyone who watched Dance Moms felt like Chloe Lukasiak was living in a real-life horror movie whenever Abby Lee Miller screamed at her. Which was like every episode the dancer was on. Therefore, it makes sense that one of her first big acting roles would be in a movie of that genre.

While her former co-stars are keeping G-Rated, Chloe went the other way in Loophole. The film is about, “The gene for violence is discovered, setting off a demand for world-wide testing, promoting the belief that these people will commit a violent crime. College student Lexi Smith finds herself in the middle of a collision between science and religion where all of humanity hangs in the balance.” Which is kind of like what she went through on the Lifetime show. Stay and dance like an angel for the devil.

Loophole comes to VOD on January 8th.


Caption Abby Lee Miller!
November 7th, 2018 under Caption the Celeb, Dance Moms. [ Comments: none ]

This photo of Abby Lee Miller has caption me written all over it, so go ahead and do it.


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