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Tara Reid says the cast wants to do American Pie 5
March 21st, 2022 under American Pie, Tara Reid. [ Comments: none ]

Over the weekend, Tara Reid reunited with Thomas Ian Nicholas, and she revealed that they are not the ones who want an American Pie reunion.

Reid wrote, “So the cast want it to happen, DO YOU? Tag @UniversalPics share and comment and tell them if you want AP5 💜 it’s up to them now! x #VickyandKevin4eva #AmericanPie5.”

I am totally up for a fifth American Pie movie. However, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, the men behind American Reunion, are busy with a little show called Cobra Kai. Maybe they can do it in-between seasons.

Do you want more American Pie? If you do, send Universal Pictures an apple pie with a hole in the center and let them know how excited you would be for a fifth film with the original cast.


Ian Ziering and Tara Reid go from Sharknado to Shark Week
June 25th, 2021 under DIscovery Networks/Discovery+, Sharknado, Tara Reid. [ Comments: none ]

Now that Sharknado has run its course, the movies’ stars are free agents. Therefore, they are jumping sharks from Syfy for Discovery. Ian Ziering and Tara Reid are joining Shark Week, which begins on July 11th.

The Real Sharknado, which debuts on July 14th, is described as: We have all seen the movies, sharks jumping into boats, circling in tornados, and risking their lives to attack humans. Could these shark feasts happen? Ian Ziering and Tara Reid pick up their chainsaws once again – this time with the help of Dr. Tristan Guttridge and to see if a real Sharknado could happen.

To see what other shows and celebrities like Dr. Pimple Popper, Tiffany Haddiash, and the Jackasses are going to be part of Shark Week this year, then click here!


Is there a new Sharknado movie in the works?
May 12th, 2021 under Sharknado, Tara Reid. [ Comments: none ]

Ian Ziering shared a photo of himself with his telemovie wife Tara Reid on a plane going to the Bahamas and said, “Who wants more Sharknados?”

There is only one problem. Syfy said that the sixth movie would be the franchise’s last one. However, can you take anything anyone says seriously when it is related to a movie about sharks being hurled out of a tornado? Therefore, I say bring it on! I want and need more Sharknado!

Do I think they are doing another movie? Nope. I think they are probably doing a convention or a reunion thingy, but I hope I am wrong. Do want a seventh film? If Jason Vorhees can go to Space and Hell, why can’t Sharknado come back after being erased in time?


BTWF: Tara Reid in A Return to Salem’s Lot
March 10th, 2021 under Before They Were Famous, Tara Reid. [ Comments: none ]

Before Tara Reid was fighting off sharks in Sharknado, she was a vampire in A Return to Salem’s Lot. How precious was the 11-year-old in that 1987 movie?


Tara Reid asks Nicole Kidman to be in her movie via Instagram
December 2nd, 2020 under Keith & Nicole Urban, Tara Reid. [ Comments: none ]

Tara Reid has been acting since the mid-’80s, so you would think she would know how things work when you want to work with an actor. She does not.

The actress commented on a photo on Nicole Kidman’s Instagram and asked her to be in a movie franchise she is working on.

“You are truly amazing in every thing you do. I’ve b en a huge fan forever. Hopefully one day we can work together soon,” Reid wrote. “I’m producing a movie Masha’s Mushroom it staring Vivica Fox , Billy Zane, Beverly Deangelo, myself Tara Reid, Sade and others it truly an amazing script. I would love for you to read it. Shoreline and Universal are doing it. It’s a franchise of 5 films. If you can follow me so I can tell you more. Kindly,Tara”

Not only is it bad that she did that, but there are also so many typos, including her co-stars’ names. I guess she was just so excited to ask her to be in the film; she didn’t care if she made any mistakes.

Will Kidman do it? Reid could not afford her. That is the biggest hurdle she would have to overcome, along with Kidman actually reading the comment and not laughing her ass off.

On a positive note, at least Reid tried.


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