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Eating dark chocolate 5 times a week is good for the heart!
June 26th, 2018 under Talk Shows. [ Comments: none ]

So, I was eating a piece of dark chocolate, savoring the taste in my mouth, when I saw this The Doctors’ video titled, “Need Another Good Reason To Eat Chocolate.” As if I needed another reason, but I still checked it out.

Turns out eating at least 5 ounces of dark chocolate a week helps to prevent coronary related diseases according to a study done by VA Boston Healthcare System. They studied around 140,000 vets, who did that did not have any complications with their heart, and turns out this was the thing they all had in common.

Therefore, if you are like me, you are going to protect the ticker by going to buy the good stuff today. I just wish it was not so bad on my hips, butt and stomach. What can I say, but the heart wants what the heart wants.


Is there any way to tell how big a guy is before you see it?
February 15th, 2018 under Talk Shows. [ Comments: none ]

A woman asked The Doctors if there is any way tell the size of man’s penis before you see it or touch it for the first time? I remember when I was 10, a friend showed us a Playgirl that said his schlong measured half of his shoe size. In 2016 during a presidential debate, we were told hand size matters.

What is the truth? The Doctors asked urologist Dr Aaron Spitz, who wrote The Penis Book: A Doctor’s Complete Guide to the Penis-from Size to Function and Everything in Between, and we got the answer. Ladies, we are screwed! There is no way to know beforehand.

In fact, even seeing is not believing. Spitz says that smaller they are, the bigger they get when they erect.

On average an excited man is 5.5″ with most ranging from 4.8″ to 6.2″. Therefore men, if you are in that range, you are normal! And another little secret Magnum condoms are no bigger than the other ones!

Translation, until he is hard, it is hard to tell. Not fair!


Maury Povich is no fan of David Letterman
April 20th, 2017 under David Letterman, Maury Povich, Steve Harvey, Talk Shows. [ Comments: 8 ]

Maury Povich was on The Steve Harvey Show and the host wanted to know if it is true that his guest does not get along with David Letter. Not only is it the truth, he explained why.

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, Povich says that the The Late Show host had a thing for his wife, Connie Chung, and would never get his first name right when she was on the show. In fact, one time when Letterman was out on a story with Chung, he saw Maury’s photo on a moving bus and was like I take this guy’s wife out and her husband rolls on by.

Not only that, whenever Povich would accompany his wife to the show and wait in the green room, the late night host would never come visit him.

How does the whose your daddy host feel about his enemy now? He is glad that he still on TV while Letterman is not and doesn’t look like his arch nemesis. Who knew he had so vicious side? I guess he learned a thing or two from his guests.

I don’t know about you, but I want to see these two guys duke it out, Daytime Talk Show style! I wonder who would win? Povich of course!


Pop goes The Doctors!
September 17th, 2015 under Talk Shows. [ Comments: none ]

The Doctors is back and that means it is time to pop some major cysts. The first one of the new season belongs to Desiree and she named the 20 year old bump on her head named Arthur. Desiree went to a doctor who cut him open and freed him from his jail! Even though it took him two decades to grow to be that size, he broke out quicker than you can say the word puss.
I don’t know what was more horrifying about this segment, all the puss coming out her head or how excited that doctor was to remove it. I am going with the latter because no one should be that happy to see all that dead liquid skin oozing out of someone’s scalp. Their back, maybe.
Seriously, am I the only who can’t help but to watch videos like this, even though they make you gag when you watch them?


Katie kanned!
December 19th, 2013 under Talk Shows. [ Comments: none ]

Two years ago ABC spent a lot money to give Katie Couric a daytime talk show and today they announced that her show will not be back for a third season according to Variety. The overrated newsanchor turned talk show host announced a few weeks ago she was leaving ABC News for Yahoo!, and the writing was on the wall for Katie. Today that writing was confirmed!
Am I surprised her show failed? Nope. Viewers left her CBS Evening News shows in droves, so why ABC thought that we still cared about her was always a mystery to me.
So in short ABC cancelled 2 soap operas for three talk shows and as of today only one them will be on the air in the fall. How is that one soap opera that didn’t get cancelled doing? Better than ever. So ABC, will you finally admit that you made a mistake when you canned All My Children and One Life to Live for The Chew, that other show and Katie? Bring back AMC or OLTL or both!


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