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Push Girls is a must watch tonight.
June 4th, 2012 under Sundance Channel. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 10p Push Girls debuts on the Sundance Channel and you are going to want to watch this reality show. Angela, Auti, Mia and Tiphany are just like you and me, but they are confined, not defined by their wheelchairs. It is a look at four women trying to make it in Hollywood with one small difference.
During tonight’s premiere you find out how they became paralyzed and which ones are paraplegic and which one is a quadriplegic. One is a model and recently separated for 21 Jump Street’s Dustin Nguyen. Another is happily married, but she is not ready to be a mom event though her clock is ticking. Another one is having relationship problems with men and women. But through it all they have each other and we have this great show So make sure to check it out every Wednesday on Sundance Channel.


Lea Thompson and Anthony Michael Hall’s Mortied Sessions from their teenage years!
December 26th, 2011 under Anthony Michael Hall, Brat Pack, Lea Thompson, Sundance Channel. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on The Sundance Channel’s The Mortified Sessions two of the ’80s biggest teen movies stars Anthony Michael Hall and Lea Thompson are going to share mortifying stories from their teenage years when the cameras weren’t rolling. We all went through our awkward teenage years, but did you ever wonder if celebrities also did. Well they did and they are telling their tales and showing pictures of it on this Sundance Channel show. Each week two celebrities like Sixteen Candle’s Geek and Howard the Duck’s rocker will share intimate stories from their youth. For example did you know that Eric Stonestreet has been dressing up as Fizbo the Clown since he was in high school? It is interesting tidbits like that one that make this show a must add to your weekly lineup, so start watching the show tonight at 8p.



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