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BTWF: Mark Hamill in The City
February 27th, 2024 under Before They Were Famous, Star Wars. [ Comments: none ]

Before Darth Vader was trying to get Mark Hamill to come over to the dark side in Star Wars, he made his dad look like a good guy in The City. What a performance by the 25-year-old in that 1977 movie.


Mark Hamill finally meets his mother
January 9th, 2024 under Star Wars. [ Comments: none ]

Everyone knows that Luke Skywalker met his dad in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi! But did you know that Mark Hamill never met his mother?

Well, of course, he met the woman who gave birth to him. But he never met Queen Amidala, the woman who had sex with Darth Vader, who made him and Princess Leia.

That all changed on Sunday at the Golden Globes when the actor ran into Natalie Portman. And he declared, “Now I have finally met my ‘mother’, thanks to the @goldenglobes”

Where is James Earl Jones when you need him? Could you imagine how awkward that would be, especially if Maury Povich walked in and said, “Anakin, you are not the father?”


What’s Mark Hamill’s favorite part of the Star Wars Holiday Special?
November 24th, 2023 under Star Wars. [ Comments: none ]

I have friends who are Star Wars fanatics. They camped out for the first three movies but won’t watch them again. They also hate the 1978 holiday special.

I am one of those people who loves Jar Jar Binks and that special.

That is me. But what is Mark Hamill’s favorite part of that infamous special? He told a WookOffical, “The end credits.”

Do you agree that The Force is strong with Luke Skywalker, who starred in it with Bea Arthur, Harvey Korman, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels, and Harrison Ford, with his sentiment? Tell me in the comments below!


BTWF: Mark Hamill on Eight is Enough
October 12th, 2023 under Before They Were Famous, Star Wars. [ Comments: none ]

Before, Mark Hamill didn’t know he had a sister in Star Wars; he knew he had five sisters and two brothers on Eight is Enough. How cute was the 25-year-old in that 1977 episode.


Has Mark Hamill hit hard times?
August 2nd, 2022 under Fast Food, Star Wars. [ Comments: 6 ]

Mark Hamill was seen working a Jack in the Box drive-thru, so has the beloved actor hit hard times? I mean, now that Star Wars has moved beyond Luke Skywalker, he probably needs the money.

However, the actor doesn’t. You see, before we all knew his name, he worked at the fast food restaurant. One day when they asked him to work the drive-thru, he used a clown’s voice to take the orders. Guess what? His bosses didn’t find it funny, so they fired him.

Well, the Big Head at Jack in the Box heard about his firing and thought he would make it up to the star. So, after 52 years, they invited him back to work behind the window and let him use any voice he wanted.

How did he do? Everyone loved it! But it could be because they realized who the Joker is, and who doesn’t love him besides Darth Vader?

So, should we drive around trying to find that one store he works at? Nope, he is good now. So good, he is now doing commercials for them.

To see his first two advertisements with them, then click here!


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