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[ # ] Has Mark Hamill hit hard times?
August 2nd, 2022 under Fast Food, Star Wars

Mark Hamill was seen working a Jack in the Box drive-thru, so has the beloved actor hit hard times? I mean, now that Star Wars has moved beyond Luke Skywalker, he probably needs the money.

However, the actor doesn’t. You see, before we all knew his name, he worked at the fast food restaurant. One day when they asked him to work the drive-thru, he used a clown’s voice to take the orders. Guess what? His bosses didn’t find it funny, so they fired him.

Well, the Big Head at Jack in the Box heard about his firing and thought he would make it up to the star. So, after 52 years, they invited him back to work behind the window and let him use any voice he wanted.

How did he do? Everyone loved it! But it could be because they realized who the Joker is, and who doesn’t love him besides Darth Vader?

So, should we drive around trying to find that one store he works at? Nope, he is good now. So good, he is now doing commercials for them.

To see his first two advertisements with them, then


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