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Ricky Martin dancing in his tighty whities!
September 7th, 2017 under Ricky Martin, Spike TV. [ Comments: none ]

Even though Ricky Martin is known for his singing, he is going to mouth Bob Seger’s Old Time Rock and Roll on Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle. Yes, the song that Tom Cruise danced to in Risky Business. That means that not only does the former Menudo member lip sync the classic tune, he also mimics Cruise’s dance moves while dressed like the actor was in that 1983 movie. Although, I think he is stuffing? What do you think?


Nicole Richie goes completely topless on Lip Sync Battle!
May 1st, 2017 under Nicole Richie, Spike TV. [ Comments: none ]

Nicole Richie is going to compete this Thursday on Lip Sync Battle and I have good vibrations about her performance. That is because she is going to perform Marky Mark’s biggest hit with the Funky Bunch.

Before he was known as a serious actor and producer, Mark Wahlberg couldn’t keep his shirt on. The Great News actress highlights that fact, when she wears his chest on top of her own. Proving she still has a little bit of the wildside to her!


Kate Upton wants you to ‘hit me baby one more time!’
April 17th, 2017 under Britney Spears, Models, Spike TV. [ Comments: none ]

Kate Upton gets her early Britney Spears on during this week’s Lip Sync Battle. The Supermodel begs the Spike TV audience to Hit Me Baby One More Time, and they are more than happy to oblige. I am sure even the viewers at home are more than willing to do it too. No reason to wonder why. She fills out the naughty school girl outfit better than Brit did when she shot the music video. Granted Brit was just a teenager when she wore it.


You will never look at TJ Miller the same way
November 14th, 2016 under Spike TV. [ Comments: none ]

TJ Miller is going to move his mouth to music on this Wednesday’s Lip Sync Battle and that isn’t the only thing he moves on the Spike TV show.
The Deadpool actor chose to perform Lady Gaga’s Just Dance in her tight vinyl outfit and it is a sight that can’t be unseen. After witnessing that I feel liked I watched, “Freddy Krueger face-f*cked a topographical map of Utah.”
And yet, I am feel like I was taken to the edge of glory.


Sir Ben Kingsley gets his Elton John on!
October 10th, 2016 under Elton John, Spike TV. [ Comments: none ]

If someone would’ve ever told you that Ghandi was going to transform into the Rocket Man, you would think that they were crazy. But that exactly what is going to happen this Wednesday’s Lip Sync Battle on Spike TV.
I don’t have much to say because I am still absorbing it all in. It is a lot to take in.


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