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Sherri Shepherd is a sexy Mrs. Claus
December 17th, 2021 under Sherri Shepherd. [ Comments: none ]

Sherri Shepherd is filling in for Wendy Williams this week. It started off rough because she was rushed into emergency surgery for an appendectomy on Sunday. By Tuesday, she returned the show. And today, she was dressed like a naughty Mrs. Claus. Or should I say Miss Claus because she is single and ready to jingle? Do you want to ring her sleigh bells?


Michael Rapaport fills in for Sherri Shepherd who’s filling in for Wendy Williams
December 13th, 2021 under Sherri Shepherd, Wendy Williams. [ Comments: 1 ]

Sherri Shepard was supposed to fill in Wendy Willams this week and next, but Michael Rapaport was sitting on the purple throne today.

So what happened? Shepherd went in for emergency surgery yesterday for am appendicitis. She is resting and will hopefully be back doing the show later this week.

When it comes to Williams, she will not be back until at least February.

UPDATE: Sherri Shepherd shot a video from her Bellvue Hospital bed, and she wanted us to know that she will be back hosting the show tomorrow.

This is just another reason why they will be offering her the show full-time in the Fall.


Wendy Williams will not be back in January
December 8th, 2021 under Sherri Shepherd, Wendy Williams, Young and Hungry. [ Comments: 1 ]

Wendy Williams/Instagram

Wendy Williams has not done her show since the season started in September due to her thyroid condition, and today we found out that she will not be back for all of January.

The Wendy Willams Show announced who will be sitting on her purple throne next month. Fat Joe and Remy Ma start it off, followed by Michael Rapaport for the second week, then Kym Whitley and Finesse Mitchell for the third, and finally Sherri Shepherd to close out the month.

At this point, I don’t think they are going to renew Williams’ contract that is up in 2022. I mean, she has missed more of the season than she could do. And that is saying if, which I doubt she will, returns in February. My gut says she won’t be back at all. What do you think?


It’s official, Wendy Williams will not host her show until 2022
November 24th, 2021 under Sherri Shepherd, Wendy Williams. [ Comments: none ]

The Wendy Williams Show announced today that Sherri Shepherd will guest host the show again from December 13th-17th. After the 17th, the talk show will go on hiatus for the rest of 2021.

That means that an ailing Wendy Williams has not hosted her show in the latter half of this year.

If Shepherd gets good ratings again, I have a feeling they will be offering her the job to start in the Fall. Williams’s contract is up this Spring, and I can’t see them giving her a new one. I mean, she is absent from the show more than she is present. In the non-television world, she would have been replaced by now and put on medical leave.

I mean, let’s say she returns in January; she will have missed almost four months of work because of her undisclosed illness.

I want her to get better. But, it is not fair to other people who lose their jobs because of medical issues like cancer and can’t afford the medical bills.


The Wendy Williams Show names the next two guest hosts
October 19th, 2021 under Sherri Shepherd, Wendy Williams. [ Comments: 1 ]

Wendy Williams was supposed to be back doing her show a month ago. However, she has been dealing with medical issues from her Grave’s Disease, so she has been off the air.

Since the show has to go on, they started using guest hosts like Leah Remini to fill in until she is healthy enough to return. It looks like Williams is going to need at least two more weeks to recover because Whitney Cummings and then Sherri Shepherd are going to sit on her purple throne starting next week.

Cummings is an interesting choice. So I am curious how she will do at the job. You will have to tell me because I won’t be watching.

When it comes to Williams, I wonder how much longer they can put up with her absence because this is not the first time nor the second. She has missed shows due to her thyroid issues, her marriage, rehab, and not wanting to work during the pandemic. If this were a normal job, she would have been fired a long time ago.


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