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[ # ] Who was Sarah Jessica Parker to make these demands before Sex and the City started?
June 30th, 2023 under Howard Stern, Sex and the City

Sarah Jessica Parker was on Howard Stern’s radio show, and he asked her why she was never nude on Sex and the City. And that led to a conversation about the other demands she had before she would agree to do the series.

Parker was told by her agent that Darren Star was writing the script with her in mind, and he wanted to meet with her. So when she went to meet him, she told him she would not do any nude scenes. The EP told her that is fine.

Stern asked her why she didn’t want to do them. And she explained to him that she was shy, and it had nothing to do with body image or morality.

That was her first demand. The second one is that she didn’t want her character to curse. She felt that Bradshaw was a writer and she would be thoughtful when she uses her words. So she wouldn’t curse in everyday conversation. And when she did, it would make more of an impact.

Finally, as a movie actress, she was afraid to take on a role on the male-dominated network. So the heads of HBO told her that if you don’t like it, then we will end it after the first season.

I am about to go on a rant. As a fan of Girls Just Want to Have Fun, who was she when the show came out? Her movies were flops. Square Pegs, and I love Valley Girls, doesn’t hold up. So who was she to be like I won’t do this, and I won’t do that?

Was she worth it when there were so many better actresses out there? I mean, she was a name, but so were so many others who don’t have such a nasally voice.

I don’t get it. But I didn’t watch Sex and the City. I preferred watching Queen as Folk because I like watching naked men over women.

And now, I am going to be a bitchy woman. This week, I watched interviews with Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker. Cattrall came off as someone you want to be friends with, and Parker came off as a snobby bitch. So I will forever be Team Samantha!

I feel better now.


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