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[ # ] Asta goes out on a date with the Grey on Resident Alien
February 21st, 2024 under Alan Tudyk, Syfy

Tonight at 10p on Syfy, Asta (Sara Tomko) cheats on the Resident Alien to go on a date with the Grey alien, aka Joseph (Enver Gjokaj). We now know that he is here to destroy the Earth.

Asta is not really on a date date with him. She is doing it to distract him so that Harry (Alan Tudyk) and D’Arcy (Alice Wetterlund) can check out Joseph’s place to see if there is anything there that can stop him.

However, Joseph set a trap at his apartment, and now Harry and D’Arcy are stuck in it. Will they be able to get out of it before he comes home?

That is not all that happens. We find out that one of Patience’s residents was abducted by aliens. Can you guess who it is?

You are going to want to tune in because this show is so much funny. It is as good as it was during the first season. Harry’s nativity makes this series so enjoyable and his character so lovable, even though he wants to kill all of us.


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