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Ron Jeremy did the #BottleCapChallenge with his one-eyed monster!
July 10th, 2019 under ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Ron Jeremy. [ Comments: none ]

Most people use their feet to do the #BottleCapChallenge. Mariah Carey used her voice to get the cap off the bottle. Well, Ron Jeremy is not known for either. We all know what he is known for and that is his 10″ one-eyed monster that had a horror movie based on it. A really good one, you should totally check out.

Back to challenge, he took everything off and let his magic wand do its, well, magic. And it worked. Now we know something else it can get off besides women!


Ron Jeremy reveals his best co-star!
June 26th, 2017 under Ron Jeremy. [ Comments: none ]

Ron Jeremy has been in over 800 Adult Entertainment films, and someone asked him on Twitter, “Who would you say was the best costar in your films?” With all of the legendary actress he has had sex with on camera, you would think he would choose one of them. You would be wrong. His best costar is a man and he says it is, “My penis!” Which makes total sense because he has brought him plenty of joy. Granted it brought them more happiness, but still!

Even though he says that, his penis is a scene stealer and steals every scene he is. Especially in the movie One-Eyed Monster, where he was the true star of the movie. If you have never seen it, it is a must watch by all because it is one of the best features ever created. I will never forget it! It is one of those movies that keeps on giving even after it is finishes.


Jimmy Fallon got the Ron Jeremy?
June 23rd, 2017 under Better than..., Jimmy Fallon, Ron Jeremy. [ Comments: none ]

When Jimmy Fallon came back from a short vacation, he was donning a beard. He explained that he was going to make this the Summer of the Stache. Last week, he debuted his mustache and someone noticed it looks a lot like the one he has had for over 40 years. That person is Ron Jeremy and he wants it back.

When I think of porstaches I think of John Holmes, but now I am rethinking that stance. Since Ron Jeremy is one of the most famous names in the Adult Industry, his upper lip facial hair should be the most pornstache. Which could be why the Tonight Show host selected it for his very own.

Or it could just be a coincidence. What do you think? Should Fallon give it back?


Ron Jeremy will sign anything
April 1st, 2014 under Pornody, Ron Jeremy. [ Comments: none ]

Many celebrities have been asked to sign people’s body parts including women’s breasts, but how many of them can say that they have been asked to autograph a woman’s vajayjay. Well if you are Ron Jeremy, then you’ll be asked to do that and you will happily oblige. BTW I wonder what the P0rn legend used as a pen when he left his mark on Audrina Love‘s underwear???
Hey he has a hard job, but somebody has to do it. Ba da bump!


The Haunted Trailer looks like it as much fun as Ron Jeremy’s pen!s
October 28th, 2012 under Movies, Ron Jeremy. [ Comments: none ]

A few years back Ron Jeremy did a movie called One Eyed Monster and I am still telling people how awesome it is. So when he Tweeted the trailer to his latest movie The Haunted Trailer, I had to check it out. I have no idea what the heck the film is about, but I can’t wait see it when it comes out.
Actually I just read the description on the official film site and I want to see it even more. Here is the plot, “Two goofy hick brothers (Elvis and Aaron), their crazy redneck Momma and sexy sister (Prissy) must exorcise their mobile home of an ancient Demon set free to fulfill the 2012 prophecy, with the help of a low rent TV evangelist named Reverend Wiggems, or the world will end.” Sounds like another classic, don’t you agree.


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